Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Part 4 - A Humane Gesture (Rider Mania 2009)

What happened to the threesome?

We were thinking in the lines of going back to see what had happened when we saw Anil approaching us. He had a story to share.
Some 1 km behind where we were standing now, they saw an accident. One local guy in a TVS 50 moped was travelling ahead of Doc, when a dog jumped in front of the moped. The moped guy lost his balance and fell towards his left side. Unfortunately his head hit on the ground and he started bleeding immediately.
Seeing this Doc, Anil and Bala stopped their rides. Doc went near the injured person and the doctor in him came out in no time. Quickly he took out his first aid Kit from his travel kit. He soon was into the thick of things cleaning up the wound, applying medicine, bandaging the wound, giving an injection. Meanwhile some one called a local hospital and requested for an ambulance.

Doctor was trying to keep everything normal and the injured person was lucky to have such a helping hand nearby as a result of which atleast he could get immediate medical attention. The ambulance came. The person was taken in to the ambulance and our good pal - Doc decided to accompany him to the hospital.

What a nice gesture !!!

A help given to a person whom he had met for the first time in his life.
A help given to a person in need.
He put to use whatever he has learnt and in line with the oath taken by him.

What if all doctors around us were like this?

So now Bala was waiting at the spot and Anil has joined us to update this information. Now crankie and myself went to the accident spot, to take back Doc's bull which was kept there. When we reached there the people who had gathered there, all of whom were villagers were treating us with respect, a respect which was given due to the act of kindness shown by doc. Crankie rode Doc's bull and we all returned to the place where other were waiting.

Anil proceeded to the hospital to get back Doc from hospital. We decided to wait until Doc returned from the hospital. Meanwhile we found time to take some snaps apart from our routine bull discussions.

Our steeds parked by the road side

That road on the background takes you to coimbatore city

The near straight stretch of the bypass can be seen at the back

I found some similarities between these two high risers

Crankie, Raghu and myself sharing a lighter moment

Akhi's ride, those rubbers is adding to the macho look.

Soon Anil and Doc were back. We were eager to know about the status of the accident victim. Now Doc has another story to share. The hospital where he took the person to, did not have any doctor available in casuality. So he himself took over and suggested to the nurses on duty there, the medicines to be given. But the sad part is that they did not oblige and the excuse they gave was that unless the doctor in charge of the hospital prescribes, they won't be able to give the medicines. Partly they are right since, if our pal Doc make some mistake the hospital's name will be affected, but on the other hand they were playing with the life of a person in need of urgent medical care. Soon Doc left the scene as he was of no utility there.

What an unlucky end to what happened till now. We don't know the fate of that person. As per our Doc he was in a very critical condition as he vomitted two times when he was in the ambulance and his chances of survival were the least. Also the hospital people seems to be more concerned of the fact that they would not get paid if they treat this poor villager. Business is business, they will look for money even when the person is fighting for life.

Anyway we all got a lesson or two from the acts of our pal, and more importantly the importance of wearing a helmet. The person was completely ok, except his injury of head.

Now it was time for us to proceed further. Soon we could hear the sound of thump ringing our ears and the black tarmac was swiftly going backwards under our feet.
Continued in Part 5- Coimbatore - Ooty climb & RiderMania Day 1

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Geo said...

wow. what a moving post. really liked the way you summed up the philosophy of helping others.


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