Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Idukki - the complete picture - Part 1

Little did we know that, we were in for a visual treat of the picturesque and marvelously engineered Idukki dam and adjacent exquisite locations, when we started the trip to attend one of my colleagues marriage held at Ernakulam.
Just watch this picture and see for yourself nature's charm at Idukki reservoir.

We started off from Trivandrum at 4.45, zoomed past through the NH 47 & reached the venue at 7.45 am. The marriage function was over by 8.30am, so we had ample time for a "small" round trip around. Six of us including me doubling up as the man behind the wheels, were part of this journey

Before we left the venue of marriage - Siva Temple - of Ernakulam, my camera captured some stills of some of the monuments in the temple.

The big bell, which presented a clean look after yesterdays heavy rains.

The "Kodimaram" or the flag pole which seems to touch the clear blue skies.

Paintings carved in the gold platings cladded on the wooden pillars seen on the temple gave it a real traditional look.

Once we alighted the car, we had a discussion on where to go, finally decided to go towards the eastward direction, since that is where the hills are and if time permits we could also visit the house of the colleague who married today, which was located in a picturesque terrain in Idukki district.

Slowly but steadily we moved past the busy Ernakulam traffic, crossed Vyttila, then Tripunithura and reached Kothamangalam when we decided to have a cup of tea. We did not find a suitable hotel until we were nearing the end of the town, when we found a small tea shop. We were about to alight the car, when we saw a board pointing to the right side stating that there is a DTPC Hotel and park.
Turned right and reached the gates of the hotel which wore a deserted look, but it was a pleasant surprise to us, when we saw the surroundings.

Greenery cladded park, with a beautiful building.

There was even a small river on one side.

A neatly maintained aquarium towards one side was an added attraction

The cup of tea we had from that hotel was really unique in that they had used natural tea leaves for the preparation. After a chit chat for about 30 minutes amidst the nice ambience we started our further journey.

So let us start our journey together and I am going to present you almost all the road side scenes and the beautiful and spledid locations where we halted during this single day trip covering almost 650 kms in a single day. Watch out for the rest of the journey with pictures similar to the first picture in the posts to follow.

Click here to read Part 2 - Journey from Kothamangalam to Cheruthoni with pictures of road side scenes .

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wise donkey said...

perhaps you could have taken more pics of the reservoir. truly breathtaking:)


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