Sunday, November 8, 2009

Scootering for the first time

Many a times when I have seen my friends travelling in scooter behind their father to school, had I dreamt of going to school sitting in a scooter. One of classmates who was staying near my home had the previlege of riding to school on many days whenever his father goes to office in scooter. I wished, if had asked me to tag along when I was standing in the bus stop waiting for my bus. But he simply smiles and go. I will return a smile, but in my mind I will curse him for not giving me lift, though I never asked him. At school when my friends talk about scooter ride and the speed at which their father rides, I too imagines lot of things and boast heavily that I have an uncle who rides an yamaha RX 100 and I love to ride with him at very high speed. Eventhough it was an imagination, I had always thought that I ride with my imaginery uncle on bikes and these rides takes place when I am at bed trying to get a sleep. Just to dream about this, I wished to go to bed immediately after finishing my studies.

Most of the days I start running from home to catch the bus after it starts the journey and runs to the next stop. On such day, I failed to get the bus and was thinking about the horrible journey in the next bus which takes a longer path to school and will be very crowded. But lucky me, my friends father appeared in the scene and voila he saw me running behind the bus and missing it. He stopped near me and soon my dream came true. He asked me to get into his scooter. His son did not come as he had fever. I thanked god for making me miss the bus.
The ride which I was dreaming was starting, and this day ought to remain in my mind for ever. Once I was in the backseat, I was quite confused on where to hold my hands and where to put my legs. I grabbed the stepney at the back with both hands, but my feet was not reaching the footrest in front, and I could not ask uncle where to keep my foot, coz if my friend know about this question, he will think that I am doing this for the first time.

The scooter came to life, I could feel a pull backward when it started. I felt like I will fall. Soon my ordeal started. The world was moving backwards. Even if eyes are closed the bumbiness and movement forward was being feeled. Was feeling like crying out aloud. But voice was not coming out. Also my ego was at stake for I had bosted to many a friends that I have done this many number of times. The road had so many slopes, many curves, each time the scooter swayed to one side for taking a curve, I was trying to go the opposite way, whenever it was going down a slope, I felt a kind of weightlessness there was special feeling in my stomach, when it was going upward a slope, I felt like, I will fall backward. I was clinging to my dear life, felt like this ordeal will never end, thought how good my parents are eventhough they scolded me, thought how good my school is even though I never found anything interesting there rather than just doing whatever being ordered to do.
Never did I expect that this ride which I was longing for a long time is so scary and was starting to think of the gentlemen sitting in front of me as a super hero. Somehow reached the school gate. When the scooter stopped, eventhough I was happy, I was finding it difficult to get out of it. My legs were shivering and in a shivering voice I said something which sounded like a Thank you and got inside the school. All my dreamings stopped from that day onwards and I began to think how bold these people are to travel at such high speeds with that terrible feeling of world moving back wards.
My first scooter ride is something which I will never ever forget in my life. An impression which has a clear picture in my mind, a proof of which is evident from the picture shown above drawn by instinct and not by talent.


Manjunath said...

Hey Nice art and nice narration and good read ;) said...

hi Manjunath
Thanks for the good words. I am no artist, just tried to sketch down what came in my mind.


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