Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Passion for Two Wheels

Every day morning I find this piece of long, black and hard cushion between my legs,
The toes firmly rested on the floor
Both hands resting firmly on a piece of metal tube covered with grips.
Soon I find my right leg on top of a small lever.
With a gentle push the lever goes down and
Wow, my ear is blessed with the music which I enjoys the most.
It has a rythm, it has bass, it has a DISTINCT feel.
Even a kid can dance to this tune
So does my little cutie pie

My left hand slowly pushes a lever close to the grip,
The left leg in a swift action presses a lever down.
A gentle twist using right hand.
Off goes my legs from the ground
Now I could feel the rush of fresh air.

The fun has just started.
Amidst the chaos created by the man made machines running criss cross.
Never do I feel bored,
Never do I feel irrittated
For I am enjoying the song of my machine.

The twisting action of right hand,
the sudden pressing action of left hand,
the quick shifting action of left toe,
the swing and the sway of my body with my machine
Everything adds to the fun.

Be it rain, be it hot, be it cold, it is the same routine.
Something which happens every morning and everning,
something which makes me ready to face the challenges of the day,
something which makes me brush away all the ill feelings of the day,
something which I cherish to happen again.
Even with the choice of a more luxorious four wheeled wonder,
I keep chosing the two wheeled royal all these years.

Is it because, I am a bulletteer?


Nethra said...

That was a nice poem. Dedicated to your bike, huh? :)

Nalini Hebbar said...

that's a lovely poem...you really love your bullet!


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