Wednesday, October 28, 2009

An evening at Beypore & Pulimutt

A cloudoscope experience. Photos of Clouds at dusk are nothing more than instant paintings by nature.. see it to believe it!!!!

Beypore - one of the famous ports in Kerala is situated in Calicut. Decided to explore this port town on a lazy sunday evening, but found out that there is a more scenic picnic spot nearby - Pulimutt.

As expected our first target was to visit the port. A 10 km drive westwards from the Calicut Town. A nominal entrance fee has to be paid at the gate

The security told us to get permission from the staff of the ship anchored there, if we want to have a look inside the ships.

The port seems to be very lengthy. There were not many big ships. Almost all of them were medium sized ones.

Saw this ferry carrying people.

On enquiry found out that people from the opposite coast (a place called Chaliyam) has to travel hardly 200metres to reach beypore port in this ferry, which by road would require a travel of about 30 kilometers.

A bridge cannot be constructed here, since it would hamper the movement of ships through this channel.

The light house at Chaliyam was visible from here.

We did not feel like visiting the inside of any of the ships anchored there, hence came out of the beypore port.

There is a ship breaking unit nearby.

Visitors are allowed inside this unit also, where old ships are broken and reusable parts are extracted. Since it was nearing sunset we decided against a visit inside this ship breaking unit and decided to spend time constructively rather than watching something destructive. From here we went to visit a nearby sea bridge. The place was called Pulimutt. Hardly 1km away from Beypore.

We parked our vehicle nearby the sea. From here itself we could see the very lengthy bridge over the sea. The place was heavly crowded but it had a special beauty, aided by the ambience of the setting sun

Moved closer to the bridge. Some were enjoying the beach nearby.

We decided to stroll through the bridge. By this time the clouds had captured my attention. I was not seeing anything but the clouds and the beautiful sky.

Once inside the bridge, I understood the need of this sea bridge. This bridge and the sea bridge at Chaliyam creates a channel in the sea with the bridge offering protection from the big tidal waves. The ships pass through this man made channel towards the beypore port. We can see the chaliyam sea bridge from here

As we moved further into the sea through this bridge the beach was behind us.

The cloud - sea combination was something of a real delight. Each click was capturing the ambience in a different mood. The waves ensured that each click is unique.

If on one side, it is rough sea, the other side represented a different mood altogether.

Another instance of how man has tamed a natural phenomenon to his convenience.

Soon I was testing my camera's optical zoom.

This light house is almost 300m away from us.

Now it was time to test the sports mode when in full zoom. This popular creation of Ratan Tata's brain was zooming through the chaliyam bridge 200m away, when my camera captured a still.

Enough of camera capability test, the sky was changing its color tone almost each second.

The granite laid walls on both sides of the bridge was really a boon to the tourists. Just sit here facing the horizon and be in a world of your own even though there is a pretty heavy crowd behind.

As you can see, the beach is now a fair distance behind us, which means we have now covered a lot of distance through this bridge.

Still we had lot of distance to cover to reach the end of the bridge.

Soon moon emerged from those clouds.

The ferry's starting point at Chaliyam was visible, it is almost 500m away. That is a pretty big ferry. We can see some SUV's waiting to enter the ferry.

The better half - the calm side of the sea

But it is more enjoyable and inspiring to watch the natural side of the sea, where the waves are constantly repeating its job without getting being tired.

The beach is now really far behind

We were being engulfed by a thick set of clouds.

The longevity of the bridge and the color of the ambience was again and again creating an impact on the CCD sensors of my camera and my forefinger was getting a good work out too.

Wonder how the color changes to milky white when the water hits the rock. A natural fountain was on diplay where ever waves were being greeted by the rocks

By this time the light house was switched on and it started rotating

The light is coming to my side

Now it is flashing towards me and I returned the gesture using my cam.

Suddenly we felt the coolness of some drops of water. Since we were not carrying umbrellas and since small kids were with us, rushed back to the parking lot.

It already started raining when we stepped into our car. But I could not resist taking one more picture of the cloud in the back drop of this poor soul. Autumn effect !!

A truly beautiful place, worth a visit in the evenings, if you happen to be in or around Calicut.


Viper said...

really liked the "Path To Horizon" and the "MOON" photos....

Balachandran V said...

great fotos, great write-up! said...

thanks viper & balan sir

hitesh rawat said...

Kerela is such a beautiful place ........i so wanted to roam around and explore......i have just been to the border Palakad.....i have a couple of friends from Calicut......and i do want to visit calicut....hope to see it soon.....


beautiful pics though

Nalini Hebbar said...

WOW what a place...I loved the 2nd photo a lot...the kids on the dock...makes the place look so huge!

Sanal said...

Nice one, inspiration to visit the place...

Anonymous said...

Those are very beautiful pictures :)! You made me fall in love with this place :)

A beautiful Mind said...

nice pics

sherg said...

wonderfull pics.n ..u described my village very nicely. and i would like to add one thing asia's largest defence ship designing & research institute is going to start on its bank...

Keralam Manoharam said...

Beautiful write up, we are planning a visit this weekend, eventhough we are in calicut for the past seven years!!


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