Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Aakkulam Tourist Village - Quite Picturesque

Aakkulam Tourist Village - A treat for the eyes but not for the nose

The first weekend of 2010 was supposed to be a completely lazy one. But my kiddies had other plans. They wanted to have a visit to the nearby Aakkulam tourist village and the thing to which they were attracted is the childrens park.

This park is near Ulloor (3 kms) and 11 kms from the Trivandrum railway station and boasts of a beautiful lake, children's park, light and sound show, swimming pool, artificial waterfall etc.

Set out to aakkulam in the evening. Took my camera along so that I can have some fun by clicking some pictures and those clicks are being shared here.

Stopped at a point before the tourist village near to the Akkulam lake just for a photoshoot. I liked this spot very much and had stopped over here umpteen times whenever I go through this route.

The tourist village is near to the end of the lake. The parking lot is near the lake. So now I will guide you around this place.

The board which details about the facilities here

Thanks to the stupendous management effort of concerned authorities, some of the items mentioned here have become part of the history. But they deserve kudos too for neatly maintaining many of the facilities in this place.

Here comes three views from the same point in the parking area, but pointing to three different directions starting from South till East

First let us go to the boat club.

This is the entrance to the boat club

Once we enter the boat club, there are some seats near the lake from where we can enjoy the lake. This is the view from one of such sitting point
Yes our eyes will be pleased by these views but thanks to the sewage, some kind of foul smell will emanate from the lake whenever there is a breeze and this will prevent us from staying here for more. But luckily photos don't capture smell, so for the time being we can enjoy the photos.

The ticket counter is housed in this building.

The architect of all the buildings found here is Larry Becker, an architect known for his skills in low cost construction.

The ticket counter is not operational today as boat services are suspended due to the presence of large amount of weeds in the lake.

Let us now tread to the landing pad of the boat. The view from this landing pad is amazing. If we simply look at the lake from this point, we will feel as if we are in a boat's deck.

Just watch the boats tagged here waiting for there turn to sail

These small row boats are happily resting under the comfort of a shade. They must be thanking the weeds for the prolonged vacation they are having.

The lake seems to be quite beautiful.

The view of the setting sun from this point is a photographers delight

Mortal remains of a small bridge for accessing the small pedestal boats. Somehow I like this shot the best. This seemed to give a very colourful frame.

Now we can head to the childrens park which is on the other side of the road.

The childrens park is a sprawling campus, which also houses a small theatre where light and sound show is arranged on demand, but we have to pay the charges for 30 people if no one else is around

A swimming pool also is present which can be used off by those who pay a nominal charge and strictly wear propper swim suites. Separate time is allocated for men and women.

We have now reached the entrance of the children's park

We can tread this way inside. Also seen is the ticket counter and mini restaraurant where the most tasty item is a vegetable cutlet, but kids as usual would love to have there favourite icecreams.

Only afer taking tickets we are allowed to go beyond this point.

There are lot of equipment inside the park, all seemed to be prettly neatly maintained and within no time children were enjoying themselves in the maze, different kinds of sliders, innovative ladders, small tunnels, see saw, swings of different kids etc.

In this era when playgrounds near our homes are fast vanishing, it is a boon to have such places around for the kids to just stretch their muscles rather than wasting their efforts in front of cartoons and computer games.

Well there is a small pond here tooo. Watch these row boats stationed here.

But this was not operational for the last 5 years.

There is an artificial waterfall here. They switch it on only during festival season.

Water is pumped from this small pond upwards, which will then flow through this structure back to the pond.

The top of the structure for artificial waterfall houses some colored lights inside which is also a treat to watch when lit up at night during festive season

This top point can be reached by taking these steps

It gives a forest like ambience when we climb up these steps. Let us not climb up this time, because my kids are not quite interested for this climb.

This sprawling tree in the middle of the park is the best of the lot.

It was getting darker and I could notice a beautiful sun ready to set between these coconut trees.

The park security came and announced that the park will be closed by 7pm. Quite reluctantly the kids agreed to come out and after completing the ritual of having an icecreams we were back in the vehicle. But before I started the vehicle I saw a big white beautiful moon shining above me and could not resist capturing it in the CCD cells again.

A company gettogether or family meetings can be arranged here which is sure to entertain participants of all ages. For that the authorities of this park has to be approached. They will arrange for a boating, a show of light and sound, the swimming poool will be open and the children can play in the park. Food can be arranged from outside and they allow it to be served inside the theatre. So all in all it provides entertainment for all.

Update - 2013 Jan

The Akkulam swimming pool, childrens park and boating are closed down for maintenance.  The employees are not sure on when the work will be complete !!!


chitra said...

Wow! good photography again ,really a treat to the eyes. said...

Thanks chitra for dropping in and commenting

Meenakshi said...

has Aakkulam really become this clean or is it photoshop?? Your pictures are awesome and shows a different picture from what I remember of my last visit to the place about one and a half years ago..
Thanks to your post, decided to pay it a visit again soon.

Shri Krishna said...

Very great photography,
Enjoyed it!!!! said...

hey meenakshi, don't think that aakkulam has changed a lot. Still water and a clear evening sky with greenery around is sure to give superb foto outputs and no photoshop is needed to enhance the beauty. The equipment in the park has been repainted recently. Auto contrast option of picasa was used for fotos taken in low light.
The boat club is not operational, and the foul smell owing to the sewage is real bad. said...

Thanks Sri Krishna !!

MARIA said...

Great pictures...:-)

Roshmi Sinha said...

Wonderful pics and a nice read as usual... with a dash of humour and info. Keep them coming... said...

Thanks Maria & Roshmi

Meenakshi said...

@subu: hmm.. means I'd postpone going till I plan to take pics or using the children's park.
yet awesome pics. said...

yes meenakshi, children will definitely enjoy this place and I love seeing my kids happily playing here. It is truly a photogenic place. Just that you should keep your eyes wide open for that right frame. (keep your nose shut, when u r near the lake)


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