Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Gulmarg - Asias Highest Cable Car Ride (Odyssey to Paradise on Earth: Part 7)

This was an eventful trip so far.
Ofcourse this ought to be. Eventfullness makes trips memorable.
We are now slowly moving ahead with our now familiar chariot. Srinagar is still sleeping. Today we started early. The online tickets for Gulmarg cable car ride is with us. So nothing can stop us today. We thought we learned enough lessons from our previous failed Gulmarg attempt (Read it here). But this is Kashmir. Naturally beautiful. To enjoy it we have to face some hardships.
The mosques here has a very different architecture.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Houseboat Experience at Kashmir - Odyssey to Paradise on Earth: Part 6


The guy whom we met just 3 days ago is leading us. Our driver. This place looks like the back yard of some house. But no people around. The natural light is fading. 2 hours earlier we were in paradise and now..

We are cautiously treading through the slippery path. Another guy appeared from nowhere. Slim, tall, protruded cheek bones, small bits of white hair in beard. Talked in Kashmiri to our driver, smiled at us and he walked in the direction of our vehicle.

A bridge in front of us. Not a big bridge. Its made of wood. A make shift one. Looked really flimsy.

"Come on, walk over this and we are home !!", Driver ji announced

"But where is the lake", two concerned voices sounded.

"Lake, Can't you see it, right in front of you. Under the bridge"

The heavy growth of green weeds make the lake look like a well laid out lawn. Foul smell is emanating. " Are we conned again". My better half was already looking dejected. The very same look she had after the Gulmarg episode (Read it here).

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Pahalgam - "The Valley" of valleys: Odyssey to Paradise on Earth (Part 5)

The late start yesterday cost us dearly. (Click here to Read Part 3). So no risks today. Time is 8 am now. We are having the last breakfast from Hotel Pamposh. We will be checking out of this hotel before we embark on todays journey.

The trip scheduled for today is to Pahalgam. A beautiful valley. Home to many film shoots. But we are not too excited. Kids too learned from yesterdays episode. We were calm. Today evening we will be checking into a Houseboat, another most anticipated event.

The stay at Hotel Pamposh was "OK". Food was good. Rooms: big, neat, basic facilities only. Located in the heart of the city, this is one the best options in a budget, if staying in Srinagar.

Signature green tunnels, vehicles covered in dirt, cloudy skies on view now.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Parimahal & Royal Botanical Garden: Odyssey to Paradise on Earth (Part 4)

Four minds - all dejected souls. The most anticipated event of the Kashmir trip failed miserably. As reported in Part 3. (Click here to read part 3).
We are again back at the signature gardens of Srinagar. We had visited two yesterday (Click here to watch those).

Will it be boring to visit more today? The entry to PariMahal has nothing to write about.
A big wall. Protuding rocks. Lots of vehicles. All drenched in dirt. Blowing horns for no reason. Our taxi also disappeared in the wave of vehicles by the time we got inside.

The last leg of the road journey to this garden was a steep climb. So this must have some altitude.
The climate was just perfect. 20 degree Celcius. No sweat.
A whole new world is opening before us. We are on the first level of the multilevel garden.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Gulmarg - A failed attempt : Odyssey to Paradise on Earth (Part 3)

Read Part 1, Part 2 of this odyssey

High expectations, Excitement, more excitement, frustruation, agony, cool off, excitement again, lost in dream land and reality check. Pretty much sums up our emotions on the highly eventful third day of our Kashmir odessey. Started learning lessons on how to plan a trip, the dos and don'ts of Kashmir trip. More on that after todays journey.
Today we are going to see snow for real. Gulmarg. the place which boasts of Asias highest cable car ride. Expectation galore. Kids rose up pretty early. Parents also did not fall behind.
Our driver told us yesterday (part 2) that its a 2 hour drive and a start at 9am is enough. Day already set in. Time is just 6.30am. 


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