Monday, July 6, 2009

Ponmudi - In two wheels

Ponmudi - The nearest hillstation to the capital city of God's own country. A distance of around 60 kilometer from Thiruvananthapuram containing around 22 hairpin curves.I have been to this hillstation some 4 or 5 times. But this time it was going to be different since we had decided that our mode of transport will be on two wheels
We were 8 people in 4 bikes.

Just for a change, we started off on schedule. The early morning breeze is something to enjoy in such bike outings.
We had breakfast at Vithura, which is 25 kms from our starting point. By the time the sun came out in full swing we could still feel the cool breeze, which meant that we were already climbing up from the sea level.

Just stopped at one of the spots for a small break.

Soon we could sight the golden valley. Another photo stop followed suite.

Parked our bikes near the golden valley entrance. Stepped down through the stairs amidst rocks to find the neat and clean water of the golden valley. The rocks amidst this stream of water is a treat to watch. Some of the riders were trying to do a hercules.
Also had some fun just crossing the stream. Venturing too much deep into the rocks were pretty dangerous. One of the guards had warned us that there were some steep slopes and the surface being slippery it is quite dangerous.

Soon we were in our steeds and marched ahead. I was thoroughly enjoying my first real ride on my new bull through the steep climbs and the bends with the music of thump

We reached the top station by around 12 pm. From the top station there are lot of points where we could venture in foot. We did not go too far as we had plans to visit Meenmutti waterfalls too on our return journey. Enjoyed the real cool breeze which made the shining sun's heat a non teaser.
Just see the photos to see how beautiful this place is.

After lunch from the KTDC restaurant, we again hit the road, but this time all the potential enery which we gained was being parted with. The descent was as much fun as the ascent.
Just after the golden valley gate there is a sign board showing the meenmutty falls. A small river crossing in the bikes and off we go into an offroading track for about 1km. Parked our bikes and began our trek with a guide.
The path to the falls is through thick dense jungle and after the journey so far our legs where tiring a little bit doing this trekking bit. But with no pains no gains. We were about to gain something soon. There was a small river to cross. The rocks were slippery, but there was a rope which helped us keep our balance and crossing this river added some fun. Again some thick jungle and then a beautiful place - the meenmutty waterfalls.
Off went our dress and we all were soon enjoying the crystal clear water. The gentle flow of the water through our body had the effect of a soothing massage which made all the fatigue bid goodbye.
Stayed there till it was 5pm and the guide announced that we should complete the trekking route and return to the starting point before it gets dark.

We trekked back to the entry point, but this time with renewed energy levels.

It was a smooth journey afterwards. Reached back by 7pm with a lot of memories to cherish even though it was just a one day trip.
Things we learnt
  1. The best way to enjoy such prestine destination is to travel on two wheels.
  2. Abide to the advice provided by the staff at the entry point of Golden valley, meenmutti waterfalls etc, because of the slippery rocks even a neck deep water region can be quite fatal.
  3. The roads to ponmudi are not good, but pretty much ok for a two wheeler.
  4. Better to avoid this place if you are travelling alone on weekdays, as this place will be completely deserted, no one to help in case of any need.
  5. Carry anything which you need.
  6. The evening dew is something to be enjoyed. But for this you might need to stay there. The place to stay is KTDC rest house. No other better options are available now.
  7. Outstation travellers can get motorbikes on rent locally.

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