Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 - A journey through the Travelogues

Year 2009 is drawing to a close, we all are ready to welcome another new year. Its time to take a retrospective - a journey through the travels in 2009 ....

The year began with the customary New year resolutions, but while these resolutions were being made, I was driving down through the prestine beauty of Nelliyampathy hills. What a way to begin the new year!!! The hills are a treat to watch, untouched by crowds, the natural beauty still regaining its charm.
How can I forget these sights, even though the year is coming down to a close.
(Click here to read the full trip log.  )

The first month of 2009 gave another opppurtunity, when me as part of my riding group were thumping through heart of Kerala, crossing the border at Palghat, and climbing up the Nilgris for that wonderful event - The rider mania 2009 - hosted by RTMC Bangalore. The sight of 500 bullets with their ride crazy owners meeting up at a single point means non stop fun, getting along with new friends, all of whom are bonded by one reason - the passion for riding Royal Enfield Motorcycles

One of the most notable thing which happened during this ride was being witness to a truly humane gesture by one of my fellow rider friend who is a doctor (click here to read about his humane gesture)

This ride is going to be etched in my memory for long as this kind of bullet gatherings does not happen quite often in destinations within reach of a 2 day ride for us. (Click here to read the full ride log )

February passed off as a month without any travel stories, but occasional outings to the beaches made nearby made me log about the beautiful VELI - where lake meets sea

During march I heard a call from Kovalam (the most famous tourist destination in Kerala) and I duly obliged.

I am yet to make a full fledged post on kovalam, though I had made a post of exotic locations nearby Kovalam.

April was the month of long drives, some of them were to ernakulam, but the most interesting one was the ride to Bangalore via Nilambur and Gudualloor which was one of the best roads I have ever driven.

Not only the roads, but the place is blessed with lot of animals too.

At bangalore we visited the film city which the kids enjoyed thoroughly

The Bannarghatta national park presented us a new experience, by experiencing the view of the wild animals from inside the cage like bus while they were having a stroll around the forest.


One of the most unheralded places in 'God's own country - Kerala' was in front of us during May. We were in a different world altogether when we reached Vagamon, with the resort providing us an unexpected surprise because of the viewpoints inside this resort and the cottages deep inside the woods
Who can forget a site which presents views like this.

The road to vagamon itself is so inviting and the driver inside you is sure to have fun driving your mean machines through these winding routes.

The boating experience in the lake is something to be cherished.

(Click here to read more about the unheralded place and to watch more pictures of this heavenly place.)

The surprise in store for us in June was the Golden Isle - an island which is hardly 30 kms away from Thiruvananthapuram, but mostly unknown to people even in that locality.

An ideal location for a day long outing in the company of nature. (To view the full article click here)

It was during this month, that I decided to revamp my blog with the all the trip logs and photos. Eventhough I started this blog way back in 2007, I had just one post to my credit.

It was reunion time in July when some of the olden golden batchmates met for a marriage of our friend. The trip which resulted was blogged and this blog helped me in getting connected with lots of long lost friends. The friendship tour to Ernakulam will have a special place in my mind, not because of the scenic beauty of the place, but because of the pleasure and excitement of travelling with intimate friends, which is sure to make any boring journey extremely lively and one to be remembered.

Click here to read the blog - Destination is an excuse, Friendship is the reason -

August passed of as a month whose weekends were mostly occupied by visits to relatives home but all of which gave ample oppurtunity to please the eye with natural scenes of typical kerala villages.

September was reunion time, thanks to Onam - an occasion which brings happiness to all Keralites. The reunion was celebrated by making a joint family trip to a resort in Alappuzha. No wonder why Alappuzha is one of the favourite destinations of tourists visiting Kerala. The vast backwaters and the house boat jouney presents a really calm experience and one is made to feel how calm and easy life can be.

Click here to view the trip log and beautiful photos of Punnamada trip

September also gave an oppurtunity to visit the holy shrine at Sabarimala, a pilgrimage centre which even now retains its age old tradition, the 5 km trek towards the shrine adding to the charm. Could capture the beauty of this place, since the trip was made during an offseason.

The return trip via swami ayyappan road presented some of the breathtaking views of these hills.

Click here to view the full trip log and photos this trip -

October will be remembered for the photo title "Path to Horizon".

This photo was taken at Pulimutt in Beypore. For more photos and trip log click here.

I never miss a chance to visit Kozhikkode beach and this time around I tried to capture the life at this beach too

This beach although crowded, presents a unique experience and is really busy with lot of activities. Blog on Calicut beach is available here - "Kozhikkode beach, crowded but prestine".

November was the month of a team outing to a resort in Quilon named acquaserene, which is true to its name and presents enough avenues for entertainment. The location is so beautiful that just point and click is sure to yield beautiful photos.

To view more of this scenic place click here .

This month also gave a totally unplanned tour when I travelled along with my friends for a colleagues marriage and since the marriage happened early in morning decided to just roam around, this roaming eventually led us to Idukki and was literally dumbstruck by the engineering marvel on display.

The route to Idukki, the arch dam view from both sides, the cheruthoni dam, and some of the other hilly roads of idukki were explored and needless to say each moment was captured on camera and shared here (Click here to view the awesome Idukki )


December was a month of more long travels and the first one was a weekend outing to untouched, scenic and historic places near kanyakumari, the first one being Udayagiri fort which houses a biodiversity park.

The de Lanoy's tomb inside this fort has a story to tell. Photos and a log of this trip can be found here - Udayagiri fort - Biodiversity on Display.

The next one shooted down was Vattakottai (Round Fort) which is very near to Kanyakumari, but very less crowded. The big fort facing the sea (bay of bengal) presented a beautiful picture.

To have a virtual tour to vattakottai click this link

The family reunion during Christmas was celebrated at a relatively unknown destination - The NC Gardens @ Parappanangadi near Calicut.

As is the usual trend being to unknown places is sure to give some big surprises and this was no exception as is evident from the fotos and log avaliable here (Click here to read the log)

Travelling to these places, most of which are within 1000 kms from where I stay helped to keep me fresh and bubbling with energy. This year the major difference was that I started enjoying blogging and sharing the photos which I took as much as travelling.
Getting feedback on my posts is something which really encourages me to post more and more and I must thank my regular readers and all the followers of this blog who has been my well wishers and supported this blog.
Thank you to each one of the blog readers especially to my blog friends who keep on commenting.

Wishing you all a very very happy and prosperous 2010.


Gymnast said...

Wow ! You have had such an eventful year !

I cant relate to having any kind of passion for a bike , but i do relate to the passion to see new places and experience new things.

Wishing u a great year ahead and tons of new journeys and wonderful experiences.

Picture Imperfect said...

You have had a fantastic year, it looks like! I enjoyed all of the photos of different places you've been... keep up the great work!

Happy New Year! All the best to you and yours in 2010! said...

@Gymnast, Thanx for your wishes. Well one of the reasons why I visit places is due to my passion for riding/driving :).

@picture imperfect. Thanks and happy new year to you too !! I think the entire responsibility of making a year fantastic or just moderate completely lies in ones own hands, except the happenings due to fate :)

angel from heaven said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog.It seems you had awonder year ,your photos are amazing.
Happy new year.May you have another great one.

Isha Shiri said...

I want to thank you for being part of my Blog "One day and two days ..."

Your attention and your affection is very important for me to continue!

I want you to be full of love light
Thank you sincerely

Traci said...

Oh my goodness! What glorious places you have been. I don't motorcycle but I love the road -- my husband and I talk about chucking everything and taking the kids out to live in an RV going wherever we want. Unfortunately, we haven't figured out how to get paid to do that, Oh well, I guess I will have to live vicariously through you.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I will certainly be back by yours again... if only to drool in envy. :-)

Shri Krishna said...

Sir, You were very good photographer, I will read all your blogs after taking sleep as it is 01:29 AM(midnight) IST in the clock. said...

@ angel from heaven
Thanks for the heavenly intervention :) said...

@ Isha shiri
Thanks for dropping in!!! said...

@ Traci
Nice to find another person, who loves the road.
Well I also don't do very long distance and expensive travels. Whatever shared here, are places which are within 1000 kilometers of the place where I stay.
I take out my wife and kids for weekend outings and I love photography too as much as I love driving through scenic routes.
I use my motorcycle for solo travels only. It gives another dimension to the trips.
Thanks for dropping in and commenting.
Hope your dream of making a long journey happens. said...

@ Shri Krishna
Thanks for dropping in. Pls do visit in detail and lemme know your comments please

A wellwisher said...

I couldnt expess my feelings in words while i go through ur photographs/ecard.. ....... well done ............ so beautiful, eye-catching...... "Path to Horizon" is Exemplary............. Congratulations..!!

Happy & Prosperous New year 2010..!


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