Friday, December 4, 2009

Aquaserene - As serene as it can be (Part 2)

The calm lake was occasionally enlivened by the presence of small row boats. Is it the pecularity of the lake or the ambience, everything was looking quite beautiful

A zoomed view of the typical Kerala style row boat.

Well I was intervened by the call for a visit to the gaming zone. First we ventured to do some fishing. The kids just loved the fishing, even though they did not catch even a single fish

Then it was time for table tennis.

But the indoor game facilities were not well maintained and the place was not so clean. So did not stay there for long. Went straight to the badminton court.

It was truly fascinating to play in the court laid out in the backdrop of fine natural ambience.

We already had surpassed the lunch time, hence headed straight to the restaurant. The restaurant also was another traditional construction, but the interiors were of high standard

After lunch decided to explore the swimming pool of the resort.

These swans greeted us on our way to pool. How beautiful these creatures are. Every movement of these beauties had an elegance associated with it.

There is a neatly laid out hanging bridge just before the pool.

Once we cross the hanging bridge, the beautiful pool is in front of us.

A true visual delight created by the acquatic ambience.

It seemed like, suddenly we were in a different world all together. This change is quiet evident from the pool side photos.

There is an ayurvedic centre towards one side of the pool. Just see the pics and judge yourself on how beautiful it is.

The sky seemed to be changing its mood quite rapidly.

Our moods were also changing and soon I could see one of my friends trying different kinds of jumps which pretty much summarizes our excitement.

Time just flew past and it was time to bid goodbye to this beautiful landscape which provided lots of truly stunning views of the nature.

This seems to be a perfect honeymoon destination, a perfect place for a family get together, a perfect place if you want to stay away from all those deadly poisonous gases and more deadly day to day daily chores.
The day out package is ideally suited for a team outing and there are amble oppurtunities to create different team games in this backdrop to make the outing more memorable and valuable.

Disclaimer: The experiences shared here are based on my one day trip to Aquaserene and I am in no way linked to the management of this resort, nor trying to promote the resort.


Roshmi Sinha said...

Wow! Nothing like being close to nature.

Lovely pics. Thanks for sharing... said...

thanks roshmi. no camera can capture the nature better than god's gift to human beings - EYES.


Thank you for your comment in my blog. I saw your post and photos taken in beautiful KERALA, in the Ayurvedic resort. I also go to INDIA- to do ayurvedic treattments, to a place called TRANVANCORE and i also know SOMATHEERAM, in CHOWARA BEACH, north of KOVALAM.
Did you really advise this resort here the AQUASERENE?

Namasthe Helena!!
Felt good to hear good words about Kerala.
Well I stay at travancore (Trivandrum) and know about all the resorts you mentioned. I am not in a position to advise you on the quality of ayurvedic treatment here because I have not availed it. If you are satisfied with the existing resorts u can carry on with that. If you like the ambience of this resort, may be u can give it a try. I did not stay at this place too. Just spend there one day with family. If you want to check out more places to visit in kerala u can refer my other posts and if more detailed info is needed, plz don't hesitate to ask. Thanks for visiting my blog too.

Isha Shiri said...


Thank you for following my blog. His photographs are beautiful and the places too. It's always good to travel to places where nature is still present.

Stay with God and peace!

Adelle -'Isha'


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