Saturday, November 14, 2009

Kozhikkode beach - Crowded but Colourful

Kozhikkode Beach - Another of the beaches in Kerala flocked by the city dwellers during the evenings of weekends. I never misses a chance to visit this beach whenever I happen to be in Kozhikkode (Calicut) this beach is also very vast, quiet scenic and clean sand.

Just be there a little early in the evening ensures that you can enjoy the beach before the masses flocks in.

It was just about 3pm when we reached this beach. It was a cloudy day, but that does not deter the beauty by any means.

The trees found in the beach adds an additional attraction to the whole scene

Once in the beach sand, just turn back and we can see the beautiful beach hospital, housed in a building which is reminiscent of typical palace building.

This building seems to be recently painted adding to the beauty.

Towards one side of the beach there is a beautifully laid pavement, with nice and colourful interlocking tiles and beautiful light posts.

Unfortunately during the last monsoons a portion of this pavement was washed away by the sea's fury.

The sound of a ringing bell was approaching us. An icecream vendor was pushing along a truly colorful three wheeled vehicle with the bell being sounded for attracting the attention of possible customers. The atomsphere even though cloudy was little humid and hot aiding the vendor to earn more customers

The colorful vehicle in the backdrop of the sea presented a beautiful natural pose for me to capture.

Soon another guy set up his shop near us and we could see that he attracted a lot of customers instantaneously. He had a wide variety of salted pickles made out of different species of mangoes and gooseberries. The saltiness of the preparation makes the preparation quiet additive and hence he has got a good set of returning customers

An old man approached us, and he began to talk to me as if he knew me very well. He told me that something is good to happen in my life soon and if I want to know more about it he will tell everything with the help of his parrot. He was a fortune teller, who uses a trained parrot to pick one among the collection of cards which he has. Based on the selected card he will predict the person's future. Since I was not interested I, he soon left the scene.

The beautiful parrot, who has to lead its entire life in an area not more than one square feet seems quiet content with its life and helps to earn its master bread for the day.

We could see a lot of such fortune tellers. Some of them seems to be from Tamil nadu, our neighbouring state, which shows that there is a good market for this business in this beach. This lady with another colorful parrot in her custody was roaming around.

These forture tellers marketing technique seems to be to keep on telling prospective customers about their impending fortune.

The pan wallah also set up his shop under a very colourful umbrella, the picturesque object aiding him to attract business.

We saw a big kite slowly climbing its way up the sky.

Soon it gained enough height amidst the increased crowd and it caught the attention of my kids, who promptly made a request to have one in their possession.

This big kite was being send to the sky by the Kite vendor and it attracted almost all the kids present there and his business too was flourishing.

Soon we had a neat looking kite with many tails and my son had the feeling of having achieved something when his kite was flying high up in the air. To be frank even me felt satisfied when we saw our kite gain more and more height, thanks to the sea breeze.

The number of kites on air increased and it presented another visual treat.

My kids also had a good time here

They were enjoying the sand, running around without the fear of falling, making sand castles while we had a good evening chat amidst the cool sea breeze, the prospering businesses around us and above all the sound of waves who never gets tired and again and again vigorously comes back.


Prasanth - പ്രശാന്ത്‌ said...

Nice Blog and good pictures

Pam Silvers said...

I really liked Kerala when I visited there. Great pictures. I would really like to return someday. said...

@ Prasanth
Thanks for the compliment

@ Pam Silvers
Nice to know that you liked Kerala. Hope this blog will be useful for u to select a holiday destination in God's own country


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