Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Weekend Ride to Punalur & Small hilly roads

A normal lazy sunday was turned into a refreshing one - thanks to a ride through the really picturesque MC road and some small pocket roads which depicts typical Kerala roads through the rubber estates. The destination was my cousins home near Pathanapuram.

Let me lead you to my riding experience of this small but picturesque ride.

Started the ride pretty early at 7 in the morning. Decided to take the Kazhakkottam - MC road bypass which was partly under construction. Being a bike means, bad roads does not pose a problem. The ride till Kazhakkoottam was uneventful. Once I turned to the bypass, suddenly I felt as if the visibility was reduced. I thought of it as due to some smoke or may be the it is a cloudy day.

Never did it stuck my mind that it is fog, coz fogs of this magnitude are pretty a rarity in this part of the country. Just see what I saw.

Well the foggy ambience was creating a new look to surroundings and I enjoyed snapping up my bull in the fog.

Spend some good time in this road which was hardly some 10kms away from where I started. But the presence of fog took me by surprise and I could not resist being there for a longer period of time.

After about 30 minutes the thump began to ring my ears, and I was swinging and swaying through the beautiful MC Road which has been neatly relaid. Was so absorbed in the ride that I reached Ayoor soon and turned eastwards towards Anchal. Reached Anchal in about 10minutes and then turned towards Punalur, the place renowned for the historical hanging bridge.

The roads towards Punalur was also very scenic with the presence of trees on both sides adding to the greenery.
Soon a photostop happened.

A royal stature amidst the woods

Just tried out a small idea for an innovative picture. Apart from its excellent riding comfort, this two wheeled wonder is quite photogenic too.

What I see in the rear view mirror is also worth a snap

My main object for todays photo session seemed to be my bullet with the greenery providing an excellent background. Here comes one more which shows of the curves and the chrome.

Turned towards one of the pocket roads from the Punalur - Pathanamthitta route. This pocket road eventhough narrow was something of a dream.

It was well maintained

Thick flora and fauna on both sides.

The kallada river is flowing by it side.

The sound of the flow of river + the sweet thump of bull was with no other disturbances was something very enjoyable.

Watch the roads and the thick greenery on both sides

The river can be seen on one side. Ain't it beautiful

Soon I found that my cousins home is in sight. The place is called Kamukuncherry. A beautiful little place by the side of this hilly road which I was riding through. A distance of 80 kms from home was covered and the time taken seemed to much less than actuals, just like when we watch our favourite movie.

A rest for my bull afer this small workout

Had lunch and tender coconuts & after exchanging pleasentries, hit the road again. The narrow but beautiful roads was once again on display in my windshield.

The famous Punalur paper mills which is now non functional is visible in this stretch.

The remains of this erstwhile highly profitable establishment is a sorry sight.

A windshield view of the road ahead. I cannot explain the feeling of riding through such locations in words.

After thoroughly enjoying the ride through the narrow road through the hills, reached Punalur, and then quickly to Anchal and Ayoor. From Ayoor, it was a butter smooth ride through the butter smooth MC road.

Did not stop much since by this time afternoon sun was shining in full swing. Still I couldn't resist snapping a shot of the "Jadayu Rock" visible from the MC road. There is a small temple on top and one can reach the top by trekking through the rocky path.

In another 30 minutes reached back home after another round of really refreshing ride through some of the picturesque roads around. I am amazed by the fact that, even though the roads which I took was not new to me, each time I travel through these roads in two wheels, it presence a new experience and a new feel.

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