Monday, August 3, 2009

Varkala - Thumped by Silver Bulletteers

The Silver Bullet official T's were released after much review and debate over the T-Shirt designs
Once we got the T's the first priority is to ride wearing the T's. So the next bullet meet on saturday we planned to have short ride to Varkala a distance of 40 kilometers from Trivandrum.
Planned to start the ride at 4 pm and return by about 8pm.

Started the ride as planned, but our moderator could not start with us. But he assured that he will catch up with us soon.

The riders who started jointly were Raghu, Anil and myself. On reaching kazhakkoottam Varun joined us.

@ kazhakkoottam

The beautiful stretch of highway starts from kazhakkottam and the frequency of the thumps increased exponentially.

By the time we reached Pallippuram - we could hear an IRON thump. The iron bull had caught upon us.

Stopped to receive him.

Group lead and sweep was decided and we started our group ride to Varkala, proudly showing off the T shirts.
Went straight to top of Varkala cliff, parked our bull mates there.

Strolled down the cliff and found one of the seafood restaurants for the SB Meet of the week.
The SB ambassadors

The back design

The meet as usual was completely filled with frugual and brutual automotive discussions.

The riders with proudly flashing SB Ts

It was about 7pm when we decided to call off the meet and return to our dens.

Strolled back to the parking lot to see the happy lot of bulls exchanging their pleasantries silently.
The chrome was shining even at night.

Got into our bulls, kicked it to life and suddenly the life around was thumping to the tune of bulls.
The route from varkala to Tvm was ignited by some serious thumping and we all got home pretty quickly.

It was another of the meet & rides of the Silver Bullets group (The bullet riders club) of TVM which surely adds another dimension to our lives with pals sharing a common passion.

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