Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Part 3 - Palghat - Coimbatore (Day 2)

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All of us were up by about 5.30 am. Getting ready was real quick with the enthusiasm of the mega event, serving as a catalyst.

We are ready and fitted our riding gears.
Aren't we happy and excited

Settled our bills with the metropolitan club and off we go to the parking lot, our minds already doing the twisties at Ooty.

Did a quick inspection of our bulls, a must before a long journey.

and we are ready

Got into our bulls, kicked it to life and it was time for one more photo session. (photo courtesy: Akhi)
Time was already 6.15 and it was time to start. Off we goooo.....

By 6.30 we decided to have a cup of morning tea, this time to cool off our already high level of adrenalin in anticipation of the impending ride and the meet.
Parked our bulls by the road side.

And its tea time

Time for some photos too as we might not be stopping too much during our rides for photo shoots.
Crankie wants some memories of this trip

Rider pals,

from left, Bala, Subu, Doc, Anil, Raghu and Akhi

After a 15minutes break we were all into our bulls, and are ready to thump to Ooty.

After a kilometer or so we were joined by a brother gang in a Thunderbird Twinspark who were also heading to Rider Mania.

The roads were pretty well maintianed and traffic was less too, resulting in our speedos pointing to the direction of our velocity vector.

We reached Valayar checkpost, where the long queue of vehicles to cross the border is a regular sight, thanks to the effectiveness of the staff manning the check post, who takes a lifelong to clear the papers. Since we were on two wheels, managed to find space between the heavy traffic to proceed ahead.

Crankie and myself were riding ahead, followed by Akhi, Raghu, Twinspark, Anil, Doc and Bala. After some spirited riding through the empty bypass roads of Comby, Crankie and myself lost sight of others from our rear view mirror. Hence decided to stop for others to join.

Soon Raghu joined

followed by Akhi

the twinspark also joined us.

We waited for Anil, Doc and Bala. But even after 15 minutes they did not join. Are we smelling some trouble here.

To be continued in Part 4 - A humane gesture

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