Sunday, August 16, 2009

Kannur 0% Hype 100% real - Part 2

Part 2 (click here to view part 1)

It was almost noon and the sun was at its scorching best. The vehicle this time stopped near a big fort. It was the tipus fort.
The construction still retains its originality. Never has any one of us heard about this, hence stepped in with enthusiasm.
Climbed up the steps and I should say that it is a sprawling campus of engineering marvel. The bricks are the ones which we see in houses in northern part of Kerala. They are cut out from big hills in which the soil are heavily bonded. In local slang it is called "Vettu Kallu", meaning cut out stones.

The tall walls of fort had strategically located weapon system.

Examiners of weapons

The view from this point good
These are the remains of the toilet. One among us wanted to strike a pose here.
On one side there is sea. Huge rocks are present in this area. The wind at this region made us forget about the sun's heat.

Enjoying the sea from top of fort
Had a quick nap under the trees here

The ice cream wallah was of high demand here.

After refreshing ourselves got into the act of placing ourselves at strategic locations for a photo shoot.

But one among us had another plans. Kindly don't misunderstand this guy, hez completely normal except that he chose this place to sit.

Now its time to visit the inside of the palace.
Another foto shoot with the guys in front of the doors of those royal rooms.

This location is famous with the filmi world, many a songs has been picturized here.

The steps here are a beauty to watch. They are the originals created along with this fort.

More of the beach view from top of the palace.

There was flag post here

After a visual inspection of the entire fort, got out. Found out that this guy was complete lost in the telecom domain.

We decided to answer the call of our stomachs.
Lunch was arranged at the Kannur guest house.
Had a stupendous lunch and to our surprise there was another beach near where we dined.

This is definitely a land of beaches. Already 3 covered by noon. And all of them quite attractive too.

The arrangements were so fine that we never faced any delay in anything and we were already having one of the best tours in life, kudos to our colleague who made all the arrangements in a typical kannurish warm heartedness.

Time to take some rest. Next destination was a park. As soon as we got into the park near Payyambalam beach, people were seen lying flat in the ground
A quick nap, energized ourselves and strolled around the park.
As we marched ahead the park gave way for payyambalam beach. These are the monuments in memory of some of Kerala's "real" political heroes.

Saluting the erstwhile leaders.

The payyambalam beach was in sight and this time we couldn't resist the temptation of taking a bath. Off goes our dress and all of us were quickly enjoying the rush of the cool tide giving us the softest massage possible.

The water musketeers.

The dip in these tides after the long sight seeing journey under the sun really made us forget all the fatigue and we laid there for a good 1 hour or so.

The thought of visiting our friend on the last day of bachelorhood made us all jump out of water. Quickly we went back to our hotel, dressed up and went straight to the bridegroom's house.

The house was decorated and we could see happy faces all around

We had the yummy yummy Kannur biriyani. The whole day work out and the tasty food ensured that we all ate much beyond our capacity.

Soon we retired to our nest after bidding good bye and wishing all the best for one more night's sleep as a bachelor.

DAY 2 - Marriage and a small outing (again to the same beach)

Next day we were all at the marriage hall well before time. The neatly decorated manadapom was a treat to watch

Soon the ceremony began.

The traditional music sounded. The bridegroom arrived, the bride arrived, got blessings from parents, tied the thali at the auspicious moment, garlands exchanged, all the events are here.

After a traditional sadya, we all bid goodbye. I had some other plans. The beaches which we visited yesterday was still lingering in my mind. Decided to go there once again.

Suggested the idea to 3 of my ex-colleagues who are now donning the flying colours of some of the leadings MNC's and they all readily agreed. Within no time I was driving my car through the Muzhuppilangad drive in beach.

We are here

My kid and wife too enjoyed the vast beach

Got a coconut shell and this time my kid was seen throwing it to sea

There was simply no crowd and we were the only souls moving around. To add to the fun we started our activities here
We ran around

One of us started dancing to the tune of the tides and the wind

Synchronized jumping was tried out

My kid seems to enjoy the old folks jumping up in air..

After some 2 or 3 out of sync jumps, these folks managed to do a sync jump.

The dive session started. The snaps gives a feeling that these are some kind of new creatures around.

The first dive

The second dive.

This dive resulted in a crash landing

But who cares for crashes, coming out of a crash smiling is the best way to enjoy the crash..

And here comes the most awkward jump of the day.

The vastness of the shore is on display here.

After a good 3 hours of pure fun at one of the most beautiful beaches with absolutely zero crowd we returned.

This trip made us understand Kannur. I wonder why such a beautiful place never gets a mention in the tourist map. This place is much much more beautiful than many of the promoted tourist destination.

The expectations were very less when we ventured out for this trip. The only aim was to attend out friends marriage, but it turned out to be an exciting trip with the landscape adding a new dimension to the whole experience.


Paulu said...

Ennaalum.... my kid was enjoying the "OLD FOLKS" jump, ichiri kadannu poyille!!!!

Shiyas Rehman said...

Subodh...............You have narrated the visit like a story....Splendid man... said...

It was an excellent trip too. Thanks for the wonderful company of u guys.

@ Shiyas
Thanks for ur continued support. it was indeed a trip to remember.


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