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A Calming Influence - The Thiruvachira Temple

Kerala's temples has got a unique style of craft and natural ambience. Most of them are in a sprawling campus with ample space inside and the rock carvings and other craft has a niche of its own and depicts some of the epic stories which conveys a message. But of late the income levels ofthe temples have gone up and those managing the temple spends these amounts for modernization drive which mostly involves restoration, for the sake of longevity. But what results is that we stands a chance to lose the real sculptural marvel and that exquisite art as most of the modernization drive focuses on creating concrete colourful sculptures which does not look original at all and lacks life. (Yes sculptures do have life).

Ofcourse there are exceptions and these exceptions are mostly found in not so popular temples and to be frank it feels really good to spend some time in such places which gives a kind of calming influence on the visitors, which isindeed the need of the hour rather than noisy and crowded atmosphere. Even diversity in color can bring about a feeling of cluttered thoughts.

One of the temples which can boast of retaining its traditional ambience is the Thiruvachira Sreekrishna Swamy Temple. It is not a very popular temple, but retains its originality. 

This situated in the Calicut - Beypore route and is one place which presents me an oppurtunity to relax in a very pure and quiet ambience.

A view of the temple from outside the temple walls.

Photography inside is prohibited and I don't wan't to break those rules.

There is a big banyan tree just outside the main entrance, which sure is big and the sound it creates by the fluttering of its leaves surely has got a tune of sorts, if one is patient enough to keep his eyes closed and listen to them.

This tree also doubles up as a shade from the shining sun. Processions as part of traditional festivals normally starts from here and I happened to be here during one such procession and it was a treat to watch. The place which is normally calm was bustling with lot of activities then.

There is a big pond belonging to this temple and this vast area ensures that ample wind blows across to the banyan tree.

The gate of the pond is in line with the temples gate and we can get a view of the temple from the side of the pond.
(Img courtesy: prab)

The calmness of the place is quite evident in the picture too, but the effect on one's mind while spending some time near this huge pond is something to be experienced.

The pond has got well laid out steps on side where we can sit.

The top of the walls are newly painted, but the rest of the structure is the old stuff which might have been constructed hundreds of years ago as this place is quite near to the King Samoothiri's place.

If sitting alone, near the pond has a calming influence on you, the presence of a group of members is a different feel together.
Iimg courtesy: prab)

As can be seen from the ponds photo, it is fully covered with Lotus plants.

A zoomed view of the plants in good numbers, gives a feeling that there is no water underneath.

The leaves of the lotus plant never ceases to amaze me and not surprisingly it is one of the most photographed object by me. Just watch those water droplets move around those big leaves whenever there is a slight breeze. 

The trees on the other side of the pond are also a treat to watch.

If the plant life represents calmness and requires an external force to trigger a movement, the life underneath the pond is something really proactive. There are loads of fishes underneath, thanks to this being a temple pond, no one is allowed to catch fish here.

These beautiful little ripples were created by the fishes underneath

The plant life, the water and everything here has a touch of grace, but you will be taken by surprise by the look of the fishes underneath. Just put some rice and they all will come above to grab the food. It looks scary at first, but they are pretty harmless and livens up the atmosphere with lot of noise by splashing the water.

(Img courtesy: prab)

A pic upclose one of them. The white object in the pic is a slice the food which we tried to give. Just watch the eyes of the fish.

(Img courtesy: prab)

If the activity down the water is intriguing, just looking up will result in some activity up in the air too. There are a lot of beautiful eagles, the one with white face and brown body, flying majestically with minimal action of their wings.
This particular scene surprised me when a crow was seen chasing an eagle.

There battle continued for sometime and finally the eagle flew way up where the crow cannot reach. Wonder what triggered the controvery between them.

On the whole, this place is good for nature lovers to just spend some quality time in a calm and serene environment.

Quick Facts

Name of the Temple: 
Thiruvachira Sreekrishna Temple

How to Get there: 
On way from Calicut Town to Beypore, underneath the railway overbridge at Meenchanda (5 km from calicut railway station)

Things to see:
A good old temple and a beautiful pond. There is a walkway around the pond. Just enjoy a walk round the pond breathing lots of fresh air.

Best Time of the day to visit: 
Early morning. Enjoy those Sun rays coming through the trees in the other side of the pond.

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shahana said...

The first click is awesome!

Amin said...

Wow!Beautiful place.

Anu said...

Beautiful pics!!!! the pond and the lotus are awesome! said...

Hi Shahana, Amin and Anu. Thanks for dropping in and for those encouraging words

Roshmi Sinha said...

Yet another interesting and informative post... from you.

The pics are awesome and convey a story of their own. I have a lot of posts to catch up on, I guess...

Lena said...

That carpet of lotus leafs settled on the water is beautiful. Such as nature holds...!

Amin said...

Beautiful big trees.

Roopesh said...

Wow!!!its realy beautiful place
we have to refresh in mind.
Thanks dear frind for this pictures.


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