Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Where Sports matters more than Academics !! – A walk through the LNCPE, Thiruvananthapuram

In Kerala, there is no doubt about the fact that physical education is given way low priority in schools, where teachers and parents alike are hell bound in spoon feeding kids with a plethora of unwanted information, which they have to simply recollect during exams. Eventually exams turn out to be a test of retention power of students. All this has resulted in making most of the students perceiving only the field of Medicine or Engineering as the career option.

This kind of high importance in academics has had its effect in Kerala’s performance in National Games. Kerala is indeed one of the states which had produced a number of great athletes. But of late the supremacy of Kerala has been questioned, if one goes through the standings in the National Games.

Under these circumstances, I was surprised to see a beautiful and well maintained infrastructure for sports training in Thiruvananthapuram, the capital city of Kerala. It was the time of our annual cricket tourney and this time the venue was Lakshmi Bhai National Centre for Physical Education. The cricket enthusiast in me still not dying down, so naturally I was also part of one of the teams. Apart from playing cricket it turned out to be a fantastic day as I could walk around and find some of the finest grounds all in a sprawling campus.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Some interesting guests in my house!!

Here comes a different journey. A journey through some of the interesting guests who happened to visit my house, with their activities caught live on my cam.

It was bright Saturday morning. The sun shining brightly and the mood was generally lethargic thanks to the holiday. I was about to begin a small walk around my house when something struck on my eyes. It was the anthorium plant and the leaf was kind of having a big coating around it. At first I thought it must be the flower, but on a closer look found out that it is made of soil.

Looked like tha handiwork of ants, but ants generally don't create such delicately balanced home hanging down from a leaf. I decided to wait with my camera to see if the house owner comes out any time. There were no visible holes in the structure anywhere too.

The wait lasted about 15 minutes when a beautiful miniscule helicopter began to circle the area. This red flying object soon landed in an area close to where I found the mud home.

It was a beautiful dragon fly. The color combo was something which we don't usually come across. I sat patiently to find out whether it is his home sweet home. The shape of this creature would have surely influenced the design of helicopters. In a flash the fly jumped to a branch closer to the muddy house.


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