Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A macro perspective

"Perspective" a term very important for any social animal, the reason is known to all. Our eyes are one of the most important aid but at times, it doesn't show the real picture too. When we go to macro zoom, the things which we might not see normally starts to appear beautiful. It is a galore of nature's creativity and we tend to feel that we are seeing only very few things even if it is very close to us.

A visit to a peaceful hamlet at Pathanapuram, where farming is the still the main source of livelihood, made me look into the macro perspective and I will show you how this perspective makes us start appreciate the beauty of the small things. The travel to this place itself is an experience by itself (You can see the beautiful roads and the erst while British established factories here).

It's a pleasure to have one of my cousins reside at this place. This time after exchanging pleasantaries we decided to take a walk through one of their farms, a need aroused because of my kids enthusiasm to catch some live fish from the small stream running nearby. It is pleasure to walk through the narrow pathway, with the stream flowing on side and thick greenery around. The only sounds that we hear are from the birds around and the flowing background score created by the stream. Watch the farm here


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