Friday, December 4, 2009

Aquaserene - As serene as it can be (Part 1)

A resort set up in the backdrop of beautiful backwaters seems quite an attractive prospect worth exploring. The resort is approximately 60 km northwards of Thiruvananthapuram in a place called Paravoor in Kollam district. Take NH 47 Route upto Chathannoor and then turn left (westwards) and follow the resort's sign board through some narrow roads to reach this resort.

We opted for a day out package, comprising of welcome drink, a buffet lunch, tea and a whole day usage of facilities available at the resort which includes indoor games, outdoor games, boating, pool, cycling etc.

Reached the resort at 10.00am. Parked the vehicle and turned around to see the beautiful reception

This scene itself was quite promising. We entered inside with lot of expectations.

Inside the reception we found a nicely maintained courtyard

We were escorted to one of the resorts. Found this small pool on our way to the resort. Needless to say the landscaping of this resort seems to be truly professional with someone professional & aesthetic brain behind it.

All the resorts were independed two storyed traditional houses facing the waterfront.

The resort was an embodiment of typical traditional Kerala style construction.

The wooden panelled verandah was quite inviting.

The doors also had a traditional touch and the level of detailing was really good

The ground floor consisted of a living room, a dining area, one bathroom. The steps to the first floor is completely made of wood and once upstairs we found a well maintained bedroom.

The walls of bedroom also contained wooden panelling and there is a small balcony also.

Once in the balcony one can enjoy views like this.

We found a plantain inside the resort building

Can you guess where it is? It is here

Yes it is inside the bathroom. The bathroom has a courtyard sort of thing and an opening at the roof making this one quite interesting.

Stepped out of the resort to explore the surroundings.
This plant captured my attention

The exit/entrance path of boats to the vast lake from the resort itself presented a good sight

Moved near the lake and it was time for a visual treat

The still water, the greenery surrounding it and vast sky provides the right mixture to make one sit here and enjoy the calmness.

This guy was doing the same thing here for about 1 hour or so sitting still.

While I was sitting on the banks of the lake clicking, clicking and clicking I could hear a small cluck cluck sound near my legs in the lake. When I directed my vision to the direction of sound, I could see a small rock moving. On closer observation found that it is not a truly welcome visitor.

I don't remember how long I sat here enjoying the truly serene acquatic ambience.

More serene pictures of this acquatic ambience updated in part 2. Click here to view part 2


Vineeta said...

this place looks cool...may be we can plan a trip when we visit Trivandrum pics as usual :)

Aimee said...

wow!! what great pictures. Thanks for coming over to my blog, I'm glad I found yours.

Mitr Friend - Bhushavali said...

Hey wow cool... Great to have stumbled upon your blog... This is an exquisite place.
Thanks for dropping by my blog... Do drop in often..
My Travelogue said...

@ vineeta
yeah!! the place is really scenic, a photographer's delight. Facilities and services are ok. yes we can plan for a get together here.Let Viv also land here with the new member :)

@Aimee. Thanks for dropping in and for those nice words

@Mitr. yes it is exquisite. These backwaters are indeed one of the specialities of Gods own country. Thanks for appreciating my work.

MADHU RAO | (INDImag.COM) said...

Amazing pictures and what an amazing place. One of these resorts will be on my itinerary when I visit India next.

Great blog !

Sneo said...

this is great.. love the post


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