Saturday, August 15, 2009

Kannur - 0% Hype, 100% Real

Kannur - A district in the northern part of Godz own country is never much talked about in terms of its tourist potential, but is quite often in the news because of extreme political disturbances.

A visit to this place for a friends marriage took me by surprise so much that, I wonder why this place is so unheralded for the sheer beauty of the beaches or for the monuments or the palaces.

Combined with the natural beauty, the people of Kannur deserves a special mention for the way they treat people of other places with warmth and affection. A real life travelogue to this - "no hype" wonderful destination.

It was just by pure luck that we all decided to be at Kannur at least one day before marriage and we were all looking forward to the fun of a group meet rather than the landscape to be enjoyed.

One of our colleagues who's a native of this land of affectionate people, had arranged an 18 seater van to take us around Kannur apart from the nice hotel from where we had an early breakfast after the journey by train from Trivandrum to Kannur.

Showing of the masterpiece which we had for the breaking the fast.

Into the bus we go,

the fun started immediately, but before it could reach the threshold we stopped near a normal villagish landscape. We were surprise when we were told that the stoppage was for visiting a beach. It does not seems like a beach at all.

We trekked through the typical village landscape with the coconut trees offering us ample shade from the sun.

Climbed up a sligtly elevated land..

AAWwwwww. we couldn't believe our eyes.

A beautiful beach. The color of the sand and its longevity was splendid. It is the Dharmadam beach

Stood there sometime in disbelief. Suddenly most of us were thinking of the ill preparedness which resulted in not having a beachwear to enjoy the surprisingly calm beach with low tides.. Neverthless walked towards the sea.

There was an island in the sea. It is called "Dharmadam Thuruth" or the Dharmadam island.

Usually there are boat services to that island. When enquired with a local he told that it will take atleat 4 hours to ride up, roam around and come back. Owing to the shortage of time we gave up the idea of visiting the thuruth, but just walked through the very calm sea enjoying the coolness which it offers.

See how clear the water is..

Towards one side of the beach there were some naturally created sand structures which are reminiscent of a structure created by a sesoned sculputure. Just see for yourself.

One guy was seen splitting this huge rock into two.

Can people go mad seeing such a beautiful beach. The frustruation of not being able to jump into the sea was coming out in different ways. One example is shown below -> hurling a coconut into the deep sea.

The beach was indeed very vast, reminscent of the beautiful beaches of GOA

We left dharamadam and the conversation about the beauty of the place was just picking up when the bus stopped for the next destination.

It was the Muzhuppilangad beach. This time the vehicle went very close to the beach.

We were surprised to see vehicles plying along the coast line.
Soon realized that this beach is also called a drive in beach, the sand seems to be a little muddy, owing to which, when get wet gives a hard suface for vehicles to move on.

Some really colorfull boats were waiting for thier turn to get to work.

One of the cars was stuck in the sand. The driver was not able to bail it out of the sand package.

Locals were trying to lift the car and put it back to a more harder surface. Soon they were successful.

We were soon posing for another photo shoot.

Some guys could not resist putting their hands on the beautiful boats.

After enjoying the scenic splendor of this place we were soon travelling to the next destination

To be continued in Part 2 (click here to read part 2)

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