Monday, August 24, 2009

Part 2 - Day 1 continued.. Thrissur - Palghat

We were still pondering on what happened to the other group.

Finally got in touch with Crankie, he was nearing Mannuthy, and from him we came to know that Akhi is stranded on the road, Anil was with him. Crankie lost them due to traffic and was way ahead of them when he contacted them. Soon he also reached Mannuthy.
Crankie, Doc and Bala at Mannuthy
We got in touch with Anil. They were trying all their tricks up in their sleeve to bring the bull back to life. Nothing was working up. In between it comes to life, but after some time it will huff and puff and then engine will shut off. Meanwhile we were in search of a workshop and found one in the Mannuthy - Thrissur route. Directed Anil and Akhi to reach that spot.

We decided to have coffee at Indian Coffee House. By about 7.00pm they managed to reach Mannuthy and they proceeded to the workshop. Raghu and Sankar also decided to go to the workshop. Bala, Doc and myself decided to proceed to Palghat where our stay was arranged. One of Bala's friends had arranged the accommodation and we could not make him wait till late in the night.

So there started the next leg of the journey, again it was in two groups. The traffic in this route was really horrible with the narrow highway stretch making it difficult even for the two wheelers to overtake those huge container lorries.

By 8.30 we reached Vadakkancherry. We decided to have a short tea break. Meanwhile we got info from the other group that the problem was solved, and the reason was a faulty fuel stainer. In reserve mode fuel was coming, but in main mode fuel was not coming. A simple thing, but made life uneasy for us.

Relieved on getting this info we proceeded to the Metropolitan club, Palghat. Being on the side of NH 47, it was not difficult to find this place. Our host of the day was waiting for us and he turned out to be a very good company for us that night.

We ordered some food and went into a relaxed mood.
Doc with our host in jovial mood
But mood swing was on the cards when we got a call from the other group that, they have reached Vadakkancherry, but Raghu has gone back to Mannuthy, because he forgot his camera at Indian coffee house. Anil and Akhi were wating there for Raghu to return, while Crankie is proceeding to Palghat.
Within next half hour came the next message that Raghu got his camera back and they all will join us within next 1 hour. Another sigh of relief.

Soon crankie joined and we had fun.

Ordered dinner and waited for the others to join. Soon Raghu, Anil and Akhi joined and we were all soon discussing the happenings of the day starting from the morning ride.

That is the club house where we stayed. Anil and Raghu marching in.
It seemed to be a long long day and we had to face the routine troubles of a long journey. But group riding teaches us the worth of having a good team, rider pals are there at our help and we all got a good lesson of being part of a team, helping each other and making all of us reach the destination.

We thanked our host who was with us till late in the night, we enjoyed his good company and he made us feel at home and the arrangements were exemplary too.

It was nearing 12.30 when we all retired to bed after setting our alarm to 5.00am and our start was planned at 5:30 am, all of us quite excited about RM 2009 which is just hours ahead.

Continued in Part 3 - Day 2: Palghat - Coimbatore

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