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Part 6 - Rider Mania Day # 2

Group ride @ 8:30 am, Be ready for this ride around Ooty, that was the motto when we went to sleep. But we had hardly slept for 4 hours when time was 8 am. By the time we managed to find us out of bed, it was 9.
Only crankie went for this ride.
One look through window of our room, and we stayed enjoying for some more time.

Got ready quickly and decided to join the group ride if can find them somewhere around. One more shot in front of the view from the resort.

This sure is a beautiful place.

Got out of the sterling resorts all geared up for the day ahead.

Got into our bulls and raced to the venue along with Raghu in our bulls, only to find that the group riding team was getting back to the main venue, joined them for atleast the last half a kilometer. It was an awesome sight, the whole of Ooty roads came to a standstill to allow this bunch of thumpers pass in unity. Never must have been Ooty being thumped so hard.
Just half a kilometer ride with the gang, but the experience was something to cherish.

At the entry point of the venue, back after the group ride

Once into the resorts parking lot, the madbulls - bullet club of chennai - burst crackers amidst the thump of the madbulls and the whole episode was really madbulletish and we all enjoyed.

Got a call from our rider pals that they are out in the Ooty town for a small trip around and are having breakfast now. Raghu and myself joined them for breakfast.
Parked our bulls near the hotel. The sky color was so pleasing to the eyes even from this point. Just see this snap

The sky upclose with a zoomed up shot from the above frame

After breakfast, decided to have ride around the Ooty town.
Ooty seems to have lost some of its charm owing to the density of buildings and the density of people around. Riding around Ooty is almost similar to riding through the dense traffic of any of the metros aroudn.
Went to the lakeside. This Ooty trademark train is still doing its duty

We all went out for this city ride

From left, crankie, myself, Doc and Raghu

My steed enjoying all the attention he is getting as well as the amount of work being done in the past 2 days and still raring to go.

Went inside the boatclub, and was sad to see this sight.See the vehicle density

Did some shopping from the vendors here and came back to Ooty town. See one snap taken from near the Ooty Bus stand.

It was already noon by this time, Raghu and myself decided to do some more of shopping before returning to the venue.

The sun eventhough shining brightly, did not have any impact owing to the cold climate there.

It was almost 2.30pm when we came back to the venue. The major competition had already started - "the Best Tech Modified bullet". We were stunned by the work done by some hardcore bullet maniacs. The lunch we had was just for a ritual, because we were already satisfied with the mean machines on display

A 1962 model beauty

The alcatraz

Another bull which was a strong contender for the tech mod challenge.

But after a round of questioning by the R&D chief of Castrol India who was the judge for the event, the winner was announced and we were overjoyed when one of the riders who registered on behalf of Silver bullets won the first prize. It was Anoop and the work on his super charged bull was done by Gopu, Who also rode to the event in his bull. Anoop and Gopu were friends of Balan sir who rode with him during his Leh trip last year.

The supercharged bull.

Twinspark, supercharger, monoshocks, reardisc brakes are some of the tech mods in this super charged bull.

There was this small boy who came along with his father for RM 2009, he was one of the attractions owing to the way he started his father's bull and revving it up.

Time was running away like a bullet when we were spending our time with the tech modded bullets and it was 5pm when we decided to have another round of ride together before the final party of the event kicks off.

We decided to have a photo shoot of our bulls on our way

That is Sanal on my bull

The riders for this short trip

Myself, Sanal, Doc, Anjath and twinspark

Our rides

We decided to proceed to "film shooting point", which is near a lake.

Reached the destination at about 5.45pm. There was a steep descent to reach the lake. After a round of discussions on whether to go down or not, finally decided to go down.

Started our stroll downwards between the trees.

Almost reached there

And once near the lake, it was a wonderful scene.

It would have been a great miss, had we decided not to stroll down.

It was getting darker, but could not stop clicking photos of this place where each view is picture perfect.

What if someone does a perfect jump. Sanals does the same here

The reflections of the trees on the still water and its vastness was the reason behind this place being so picturesque.

It was getting real dark by the time I clicked this picture.

It was almost 7pm when we strolled up the small hill and got into our bulls. Went straight to the resort where we stayed. Decided to pack our bags before we go for the dinner and party.

Reached the venue of the party by 8.30pm, It was time to bid goodbye to the new friends which we got during this event. It was about 9.00pm when people in our gang began restless since dinner was not served even then. We had plans for starting the ride early next morning. Even after some amount heated exchanges with the organisers dinner was still not served even by 10.00pm. So we decided to skip this ride back to our stay. Doc wanted to refill his stock of medicines, so he and balan sir went to town to find if they can find some medicines as well as some snacks for quenching our hunger. Rest of the gang rode back to our dwelling place.

Not many shops will be open at this time of the night. So we had to be content with the biscuits and bread which we had in stock. Meanwhile two of us was having some health problems. Doc gave them medicines.

We had a round of discussions on the plans for return ride. Our initial plan was to start the ride at 5.30 - 6.00 in the morning and reach tvm by 8pm or so. Since some of our members were having problem, they decided to sleep a little longer and start a little late. Raghu and myself had some engagements next day. Hence we had to start early. So finally we decided that we will ride in two batches, first batch will start at 6.00 and the second batch will start at 8.00am. After all these discussions on route plans and about the event, we all got into our beds by about 1am. It was quite an eventful day at Ooty with organisers finding it really hard to manage this big a crowd. Still I would say that they did a pretty decent job.

So it was time to dream about the ride tomorrow through the beautiful roads of gudalloor, nadukani and nilambur. Slowly we all switched to sleep mode.

Continued in Part 7 - The return ride

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