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Shankumugham - Where the city spends its weekend

Thiruvananthapuram, erstwhile Trivandrum, the capital city of Kerala has got lots of Beaches, but ask any Trivandrumite on which is their favourite beach, the majority of answers will be Shankumugham!!

I being a native of this city, longed to be in this beach whenever it is a weekend during my childhood days, eventhough the visits were limited to 2 or 3 times per year, which I enjoyed the most. Once I grew up and was able to travel on my own, the visits became more frequent and even now I visits this place whenever time permits and my children also love to be here. An exclusive coverage of this beautiful beach.

The approach road to Shankumugham is one of the best roads in the city and it has been so right from the past 25 years or so. Many of the youngsters in those years chose this road to test the limits of their motors, which also has witnessed lots of accidents.

A view of this straight line road through the windshield of my motor

I prefer to have a relaxed and smooth ride enjoying the cool sea breeze, than dashing at breath neck speeds through this road. A moment snapped during one of my solo feel good ride through this stretch.

As we approach the beach, we could see loads of open spaces ahead, and feels like this road will lead directly to the sea.

Before we reach the seaside there is a park on one side at a slightly elevated terrain. Once you step on the park the first thing that you will notice is the giant and superb sculpture of a Mermaid ("Malsya kanyaka") crafted by the master of this art - Mr. Kanayi Kunhiraman. 

He has succeeded in giving it an elegant touch. Structure is quite huge too. Just watch the trees behind this.

Another guy has been permanently relaxing, gazing the sky.

This also is the handwork of Kanayi, who has been instrumental in making Veli a beautiful tourist attraction. (Click here to see Veli Tourist Village)
There are loads of open spaces in this park where one can just sit and relax enjoying these sculptures with the company of some big birds on one side. 

Yes it is Thiruvananthapuram International airport.

The beach is also visible from this park. The first thing which we notice is a nice shelter made of rock which has been created hundreds of years ago and is part of history.

There are two of them, one near the edge of this park and other one on the beach.

Eventhough it is a simple shelter, the construction is sure to amaze the enthusiast.

Is there a similarity with Roman style?
While trying to snap the shelter this new addition to Thiruvananthapuram city got in the way of my focus. It is a low floor Volvo AC bus, which is the most elegant way to travel around the city. A visit to Kovalam, Veli or Shangumugham in this bus is surely not to be missed during a City visit. 

There is a big well on top of this park, which is well anymore, but completely filled with plants. Hope some authorities will be kind enough to restore this to its past glory.

We can get a royal view of the royal beach palace from the park.

This palace was used as a rest house by the erstwhile Kings of Travancore. The Kings sure enjoyed the best of the facilities in prime locations.

This building now houses a shuttle court, basket ball court etc and there are regular roller skating classes for children too.

The other side of this palace faces the sea front and currently it houses the Indian Coffee House. A visit to Shankumugam is never complete without paying a visit to this restaurant and enjoying the food along with the sea breeze and watching the sea from the most strategic point.

Enough of the pictures of surroundings, now let us proceed to the beach. Once near the beach the first thing that we will notice is the long walkway on its side.

This has been laid recently and doubles up as a walkway and sitting point for the loads of visitors who throng the beach on weekends.

A view of the never ending beach devoid of any human activity since this picture was taken on a week day.

Only some doves are marching around feeding on the leftover food.

The waves keeps on striking at regular intervals no matter what happens and it is a real pleasure to watch the formations.

Even though it was mid afternoon and the sun was at its scorching best, these folks were completely involved in there work. Afterall without no pain, there are no gains.

The Vizhinjam sea bridge can be seen at a distance in the Southward direction. Just used the max zooming power of my point and shoot device to get a view of the bridge.

A working day means, off day for the life guards, but they do real work hard when the crowd picks up during weekends.

If it was the uncrowded beach which was on display till now, let us watch how this beach will be on a weekend evening.

The vastness ensures that even if it is crowdy there are open spaces left out for each of the visitors to enjoy.

We too found some space after walking some distance through the beach. My son always like to fly a kite whenever he goes to a beach and when it fly up in the sky, even I feel thrilled just because it feels nice to see our handiwork in action. 

Saw this big one slowly marching ahead through the horizon.

The sun was getting ready to set, but before setting it leaves a lasting impression by creating wonderful color around.

A flying machine also got into the frame.

The sun soon started playing hide and seek as it hid behind the clouds.

Luckily the cloud moved away and sun came out in flying colors

My son wanted to have the Sun at his fingertips.

He also tried to take the sun out of the equation.

Soon the sun set and it was time for our kids to have some fun at the kids park just opposite to the beachside.

As always, a rejuvaneted soul and mind is sure to be leaving the place after experiencing this cool and vast beach, which was and still is the favourite hang out of Thiruvananthapuram, and each of the city's dwellers might have a tale or two about their visits here.

Quick Facts

Name of the Beach:

How to reach:
Beach is 10kms away from the railway station or busstand.
It is one the way to trivandrum city from the airport. (2 kms from the airport)

The park with the beautiful sculptures.
The royal palace
The kids park
The vast beach
A Devi Temple.

The Indian coffee house offers neat food and the seaview ambience is exquisite.

Best time of the day to visit.
Mornings/ evenings. Day time is too hot.

Nearby tourist locations
Veli - stunning natural ambience and great craft by Kanayi Kunhiraman
Kovalam - Paradise on earth
Trivandrum Zoo


Amin said...

Beautiful beach.

Anya said...

You let us see many unique photo's
Its really beautiful :-)
Thanks for sharing ....


Anonymous said...

I think that the motorbike is the way to go. Thank you for the journey today :)

anupama said...

Dear Subu,
Good Morning!
Amazing photos and one can join you in your journey.
Descriptions are good with minute details.
Your post is a true guide who would like to visit this wonderful destination1
Wishing you more happy road trips,

Piyush said...

Nice shots Subu. I like your travelogue !

Thanks for visiting my blog earlier and for your encouraging words. Have a great day ahead :)

Lena said...

You certainly know how to click! The malsya kanyaka is one of the most fascinating work I've seen.

...and I'd love to catch the sunset to put in my pocket!

Indrani said...

I spent 22 years of my life in TVM and I have frequented these spots so many times. Felt goosebumps seeing the shots.
Thank you! said...

Hi Amin, this beach is indeed beautiful.

Hi Anya, Thanks for dropping in and commenting.

Hi Renee, infact motorbike is the way to got any place, it gives a whole new dimension to the travel.

hello Anupama, Good morning !! Thanks for finding this blog space useful.

Hi Piyush, Thanks for your nice words.

Hello Lena, thanks for the encouraging words.

Hi Indrani, Nice to know that you are from trivandrum. Like any trivandrumite this is my favourite place and I still stay around. Gr8 to hear that you loved the shots.

Hari Prasad said...

Hi Subu,

It's like feeling home whenever there is a trvelogue appears like this.We could really taste the nostalgical aroma here in Dubai while go through your trips

Hari prasad

Jo said...

good pics

Half Indian said...

Great post.

Olive said...

Wonderful shots of the sunset and those amazing boats on the beach. said...

Hello Hariprasad, Welcome to my blog and thanks for your nice words

Hi Joe, Nice to see you here

Hello Half Indian, Thanks for your visit and appreciation

Hi Olive, Those boats are the traditional fishing boats of Kerala. Now most of them are fitted with motors, earlier they used to be rowed in those rough seas

Gopalan said...

Good picture and write up!

Kcalpesh said...

Superb Art and Pictures! Beautiful Photography in a lovely place!!



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