Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A macro perspective

"Perspective" a term very important for any social animal, the reason is known to all. Our eyes are one of the most important aid but at times, it doesn't show the real picture too. When we go to macro zoom, the things which we might not see normally starts to appear beautiful. It is a galore of nature's creativity and we tend to feel that we are seeing only very few things even if it is very close to us.

A visit to a peaceful hamlet at Pathanapuram, where farming is the still the main source of livelihood, made me look into the macro perspective and I will show you how this perspective makes us start appreciate the beauty of the small things. The travel to this place itself is an experience by itself (You can see the beautiful roads and the erst while British established factories here).

It's a pleasure to have one of my cousins reside at this place. This time after exchanging pleasantaries we decided to take a walk through one of their farms, a need aroused because of my kids enthusiasm to catch some live fish from the small stream running nearby. It is pleasure to walk through the narrow pathway, with the stream flowing on side and thick greenery around. The only sounds that we hear are from the birds around and the flowing background score created by the stream. Watch the farm here

My cousin's son soon jumped into the stream to catch some small fishes alive.

Much to the amusement of my kids, he soon put three or four of the lovely little fishes in a bottle.

As we were walking we could see lots of grass population around too. I noticed that there are some small flowers in between them too.

After some walking around we sat in this plush surroundings. While sitting there I noticed that the small flowers which I saw earlier in between grass cover, has some lovely shapes. A zoomed view gave the real picture.

Watch how it closely resembles a bird. I kept watching the flower for a long time and somehow it appeared to me that it is about to fly, at times felt as if it is having a romantic chat with its partner.

Occassionally both of them were dancing elegantly with the breeze and all of a sudden the mood began to change and I was in a whole different world altogether. Very close to these beautiful birds, there was another small wonder which lend a festival touch.

This shape very closely resembles that of the festival decorations quite often seen in Tamil Nadu. There were lot of such shapes around the beautiful bird flowers. Another 4 petalled yellow beauty was around too.

Watch the above image closely and you could see a seed thingy towards the right side. Somehow it appeared like an alien figure which we see in fiction movies. Watch the macro alien hiding between the bushes in his vehicle, ready to pounce any time.

So lot of things were happening in the macro world and I too soon become a very close part of it. Some of the small leaves around was having interesting patterns etched in it. And it was the handiwork of a beautiful small creature.

If the mood set is that of a festival, thanks to the beautiful flowers, there has to be lighting too and some beautiful chandelier type flowers were around tooo

Another colorful flower around was this miniature cotton seed quite similar to the one we find in cotton trees.

Once I took this cotton and blew it, kids took over and found out all such flowers around and enjoyed blowing them and soon they began to fly around. Apart from the cotton, there were some natural colorful helicopters flying around. These dragon flies were really small but very colorful too. Each one has there own unique identity eventhough they looked similar.

By this time kids had found out another method of natual tattooing. They plucked one of the stems of a small plant, underside of which had a whitish powder sort of thing. They called it "moustache tattoo" since the shape resembled a moustache.

The chilli plant with red chillies stood out because of its like green leaves and red coloured chillies.

There was another really small plant which looked like a coconut tree. All of its flowers has fallen down. Wonder how it looks like, bearing all those flowers.

I heard kids shouting that they saw a snake. Rushed to the spot and found out that it is not moving and is lying stationary on the side of the stream. It seemed to be a fish similar to "eel"

Much more to see around, but kids were getting bored of me photographing all the flowers around and they were asking what is it that I am doing by taking the photos of the grass bushes around. They have to start to enjoy the macro perspective to get an answer to this question.

This might be a start for me and I am sure to search for more such macro creations where ever I go.

Nb: Of late I am very lazy in blogging all the travels that is happening to beautiful places as many other activities are keeping me busy. Lots of travelogues are pending. Got to get them up here as soon as possible.

Thanks for visiting my blog and reading my perspective !!


Kass said...

Macro provides a whole new world to view.

Roshmi Sinha said...

So, your charmed life continues :)

Wonderful pics. Thanks for sharing :)

P.S. Yes, that pic looks like a bird in flight ... am keen to know the neame though. But, I don't think that it is the 'bird-of-paradise' - that one looks different. However, I am not sure if it has sub varieties...

Scorpria said...

That's a lovely perspective indeed. I wish I knew to use the macro on my cam better -- haven't still quite figured it out!

subu.ps said...

Hello Kass, Absolutely true. I just experienced it.

Hi Roshmi Sinha, Welcome back, this blog is the Charm perspective of my life ;). I am not too good at flower names, will let u know if i find it out.

hello scorpria, i use a point and shoot camera from Sony, simply put a single point focus, select the focus mode to macro and shoot. :)

gwl said...


Anonymous said...

beautifully captured photos...

thanks for sharing

cfp123 said...

It is so amazing and good...


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