Monday, November 23, 2009

Idukki - The complete Picture : Part 5

A small offroad experience at Idukki.

Continued from Part 4 - Arch dam & Cheruthoni dam
Our next destiny was to visit our colleagues home near Kulamavu.

The Idukki - Kulamavu road is one of the best motorable roads of Gods own country. These roads are always well maintained, might be partly due to the fact that traffic through these roads are less.

This is what we can view through our front windscreen.

At some points the twisties form a snake like pattern

The color tones of the thick flora and fauna are a treat to watch

These longish trees were again on display with the green blanket covered hills in the backdrop.

The view on our sides was also eye catching with the evening sky adding some interesting patterns aided by the settings sun's color tone

All of us were truly indulged fully in the pure joy of a ride through these beautiful surroundings and I took care to ride the vehicle in a calm and sedate pace ensuring minimal lateral movement. Soon the landmark provided to us by our friend was in sight and we had to turn right to a hilly road.

Initially it was a steep climb. The road was narrow but seemed like we are going deep into the forest.

There was a warning sign that elephants are prone to be spotted in this area. Soon the dense forest gave way to an open area and we stepped out of our vehicle to enjoy the scenary, which is beyond description.

Just watch the road through which we came.

This is the view which we got from the edge of the road.

Watch closely and you can see a light greenish patch towards the middle of the photo, which was having a distinctly different color tone than the rest of the area.
Zoomed in to capture that greenish patch and found that something is being cultivated there

Sun was trying to finish his job for the day and we had some more distance to cover and a small trek also was necessary to reach our destination.

So we hastily started from this prestine location and proceeded to the next landmark. Stopped our vehicle at this point as the road ahead could be done by a 4 x 4 offroader only.

Started our trek through this rocky roads

The walk through the woods was another experience of sorts and it gave a nice work out to our travel weary muscles.

Lot of such roads are present, if one takes a deviation from the main roads and these roads could well be explored by a good off roader vehicle.

The rocky road was over soon and we could see a road leading to a lonely house in this area.

It was our friends house and we were happy that we found out our way without without much difficulty.

He was happy to host us, not only him but his entire family. They never expected us to travel this far to make a visit. After exchanging pleasantries with the newly wed, we started our trek back quickly so that we could get near our vehicle before complete darkness take control of the proceedings.

The journey from there was through typical hilly roads again, but since it was night only the roads illuminated by the vehicle's light could be seen. By about 8pm reached Kottayam. Had a nice dinner and by 9pm we again hit the road to Thiruvananthapuram via the MC road. None of us were ready to sleep and the sense of excitment of having seen some of the most beautiful scenaries were keeping our energy levels high. Amidst all the discussions, I kept on maneuvering the steed through the twists and turns of the road and by about 11.30 pm we were back in our huts after a travel of about 650 kms, covering different kinds of terrain, different cultures and alltogether a different experience, memories of which will cherish for a long time.

The overall feeling of this truly wonderful journey is depicted by this snap

So here comes an end to the 5 part long story of our Idukki trip and I would appreciate if you could share your feelings on this very long post by way of comments both positive and negative.



Roshmi Sinha said...

Truly breathtaking! Thanks for sharing... said...

thanks roshmi for dropping in

Indrani said...

Great views captured through out your drive. The whole of Kerala is sooooo beautiful. I was in Idduki many years back and I have those analog shots . Thanks for taking me back there again. said...

You are right Indrani. Some of the places are so beautiful that just clicking will ensure a super snap. Thanks for dropping in and experiencing the virtual tour of Kerala

jujuworld said...

im regularly trvelling on the the last part u said about a deviation of climbing uphill to reach ur friend's house?where s actually the deviation? is it the paramada? said...

hello jujuworld
I don't exactly remember the name of the place. I think it is paramada. The last photos are taken in that route. Anyway it was a dream destination to drive throught those routes. I'm getting ready to travel through those roads again in a bike.
thanks for dropping in and commenting.

Best regards


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