Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Veli - Where lake meets sea

A visit to Capital city of Kerala - Thiruvananthapuram - will never be complete without paying a visit to Veli. How can one forget watching a sunset from the banks of the Veli lake.

I consider myself lucky, since I can be at this place whenever I wish to, because of its proximity to where I live and I can time my visits to ensure minimal crowds.

Just sharing one of my visits to Veli.

Visitors can enter Veli Tourist village after paying a nominal entrance fee. Once inside, we can explore either the beach side or the beautifully maintained park in the banks of the veli lake.

Usually we walk towards the right side (eastern side) after entering the tourist village and this time also we did the same. The park is filled with well maintained lawn. The ups and downs, even though artificially created gives an ambience of a hilly area.

There is boating facility in this lake. The best way to enjoy Veli is to take a pedal boat and have a leisurely cruise. Ensure that you are wearing a good life jacket which will be provided.

Further towards the end of the park, there is a small pond with a big sculpture in the shape of a shell crafted by the gifted artist Kanayi Kunjiraman. Just watch the beautiful creation.

Apart from this there are many other creations of this gifted artist which demonstrate his creativity skills, a 10metre long lady lying has been made using the slopes in the landscape with grass cover over it, an old age weapon, a snake godess etc are worth mentioning.

After a stint in the park, we walk towards the beach side. The pavement is really beautiful with the lake on one side.
There is a floating restaurant towards the end of the walkway, managed by KTDC (Kerala Tourism Development Corporation). A cup of tea/coffee from this restaurant is really worth. Once inside, we feel as if we are in a cruise boat.

Once the walkway ends there is a floating bridge.

A fisherman selling fresh fish caught from the lake

We are in a different landscape alltogether when we step out of the floating bridge. It is a typical beach filled with sand.

We have some more distance to cover before we reach the beach.

We were being approached by people asking if we were interested in a horse ride. We picked one beautiful looking horse for a small ride around.

There is a kids play area with some rides, run by local people which the kids always want to explore each time they make a visit.

The beach is really vast and I like it most when it is devoid of any crowds
My kid starts his activities at the beach and here he is seen engaged in a race with the wave

He is ready to have a dip in the sea

The waves were getting stronger and stronger

But some of the experts were seen diving around in the waves

Just looking back from the beach we could see the floating restaurant and the park at a distance

Sun was about to set and the nature was changing its color tone briskly

Soon sun was seen going down between the clouds and we made an exit from this picturesque Veli after experiencing one of the most beautiful spots in Thiruvananthapuram.


Ekanthapadhikan said...


That was quite a surprise to find a travel enthusiast from Tvpm. This post about Veli brings back fond memories to me. Though in Tvpm, it's been around 7 years since I visited Veli. It used to be my fav. picnic spot.

And thanks for your comment on my blog.

Roshmi Sinha said...

Lovely post... with some amazing pics. Thanks for sharing :)

Vineeta said...

Good one...Missing Veli after reading ur blog...and all the pics are too good..especially the 1st one:) said...
This comment has been removed by the author. said...

Thanks ekanthapadhikan (I liked ur profile name). Indeed veli must b the favourite pic spot of many of the trivandramites.

Thanks Roshmi

@ vineeta, one of the pics were taken when we all went there. Can u identify that?

N J said...

This time u made me comment rather than being a silent reader....Nice post da...including some super fotos....made me go back to those good old days which we spend there during our projects :) said...

thx NJ. So u were not commenting till date because all other posts were not nice right :(
heehee projects at Veli. How can we forget?

sm said...

beautiful pics
like all of them

Anonymous said...

Hai Subodh,

Fantastic .... Pictures of Veli, Awe some and a glimpse of cynosure.....

Really very nice..........

================================== said...

@ sm
Nice to know that you enjoyed the pics

Thanks for your appreciation

magiceye said...

lovely pictorial on veli!

Lena said...

What a beautifully breathtaking and fun place to be. *sigh*

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