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Screenshots Galore - The Neyyar Dam


Located just 20 km away from the heart of Thiruvananthapuram is the Neyyar Dam. A place which most of the school's in the city chooses for a one day picnic, I too have memories of a school trip to this place during which time our interests were mostly in experiencing the boat ride, the statues at the park, the climb up the watch tower and above all a visit to Lion safari park. Many of the Trivandrumites must have a nostalgic relationship with this wonderful place.

As we grew our interests changed, our perspectives changed and the very purpose of the visit changed. Got a chance to visit this place again, this time as part of a local meeting of a popular automotive forum. The weather was perfect for photo shoots and I did not miss the oppurtunity either. This place is surely a picturesque one as is evident from the shots below.

Eventhough this place is close to the busy city, the terrain change is quite evident once we crosses Kattakkada town. The sky was giving the perfect back drop 


Once nearing the Neyyar a small river flows by the side with the trees on the river side giving the roads a special attraction and the drive soon becomes quite an exciting one.


There is a ticket counter at the gate, where we have to take passes for the vehicle to be taken in.

Inside the main building there is good park with lots of life like statues, a crocodile park and a swimming pool.

After taking the ticket, did I come to know that my friends are waiting near the watch tower. The way to the watch tower is outside this entrance. So I proceeded to the watch tower.

The dam site began to appear in front of me.


Soon I had to cross a small bridge which was right in front of the dam. Managed to click from inside the vehicle amidst the terrible honking from one of the tourist vehicle behind me.

Passed the Dam site and proceeded uphill through the narrow road


The upward trail was interesting since it first passed through thick vegetation.


Soon the thick vegetation gave way to the vast dam site and who wouldn't love to have a drive through a road watching this scenery and breathing fresh air

The watch tower was soon in sight and I parked the vehicle there. Wonder how many times I have seen this place, but still I don't feel bored to be here. 


The view from top of the watch tower is really amazing. But didn't bother to climb up as my friends were waiting in the nearby restaurant.

The view of the dam from this point is also superb.


A KTDC (Kerala Tourism Development Corporation) restaurant is nearby which happens to be the only hotel here. The restaurant location is good.


But the goodness ends there. Facilities inside are poor and food is average.

Still it proved enough for a meet of automobile enthusiasts and we had lunch there. We came out of the restaurant and soon a poll was taken to find out the activity to chose. The boat ride starting point was visible from here.


We could see a boat returning after a ride through this beautiful ambience.


The waves created by the boat on the still water was giving it a special attraction.
Another was leaving with full load of passengers.


May be because of the beautiful real life stills which we witnessed from this point, most of the people opted for a boat ride over a visit to Lion safari park, where the number of lions has gone drastically down, if the locals are to be believed.

After taking tickets (less than Rs50 per person) we were waiting for our boat to arrive, when I spotted this beautiful building coming up in the other shore. 


Our boat came and we started our ride soon.


The greatest attraction of this drive is that where ever we look we feel as if it is a 3D screen saver for real. It is impossible to clearly describe what we saw. Just have a look at this pic


As the boat kept on moving the screenshots also varied. The mountains in the back drop were a treat to watch.


We also went near the lion safari park, but could spot just one lion. After a complete visual treat for about 45 minutes we were nearing the shore.


Still the ambience was ideal for photography

More discussion followed mainly on automotive gyans. Went to main building where other's steeds were parked. We can get another view of the dam from here.


Last but not the least, the sight of all the steeds of the autoenthusiasts provided another occasion for a photo shoot.


Quick Facts
Name of Place; Neyyar Dam

How to reach: 
Catch any bus from Thiruvananthapuram central bus terminal (near Railway station) to Neyar dam

Entry fees: Less than 100

Activities: Crocodile Park, Dam site, lion safari park

Ideal for: One day picnic.

Where to stay: Better to stay in Thiruvananthapuram, at Kovalam or Poovar and make a day trip here as there are no good resorts/hotel near this place.


Anya said...

Wonderful peaceful shots all !!
You are very creatve :-)

Vineeta said... are mindblowing...espcially the 1st one!!! Neyyar dam really looks soo good??? said...

hello Anya. That was real fast. Thanks for the comment.

hi Vineeta. luckily the natural lighting, the sky and the overall ambience was too good which aided the photography. Yes Neyyar dam is very very picturesque !!

Anu said...

wow!! beautiful pics!!!!! they are really like picture postcards.....

Cool4u said...

Beautiful Pics. A bit too many perhaps but all of them are breathtaking.

Balachandran V said...

The Neyyar dam pics looked too good! One might even mistake it for somewhere in Europe!! said...

Hello Anu, Thanks for ur constant encouragement.

Hi cool4u, That was a nice observation, but what could I do, I had a tell story along with the pics, hence I could not reduce their number pluz I wanted to convey the beauty of the place at different angles. And you know the most time consuming job is to select the pics for posting because when I shoot each one of them I ensure that there is some difference between the previous shot.

Dear Balan sir, Thanks for ur appreciation. It is a really beautiful place, especially the boat ride, is sure to take u into another world.

karan a said...

I liked the detail yet to the point description... nice information... Had seen munar, allepy, kovallum... this place missed out... may be next time.

Keep going!

Anonymous said...

You certainly have incredible variety of beautiful scenery there! Nicely documented with details and information! said...

Hi Karan, thanks for dropping by. this place is also definitely worth a visit. but don't expect good facilities there.

Hi Renee. Surely we have beautiful landscape out here !! thanks for your comment

premkumar said...

the photos have elevated the appearance of neyyar dam as a whole. classic touch indeed.

Lahari said...

very nice pics.. neatly composed information.

magiceye said...

amazing place and wonderful photography! thank you for the superb virtual tour

Nishant Singh said...

Neyyar Dam is indeed a pretty place... I have never been to South India (don't hold that against me :P) so my only source is pictures like yours. But I liked the way you documented your experience here :)...Great Stuff :D

Anonymous said...

Wonderful blog. Can u suggest some good accomodation (hotel/resorts) in and around trivandrum.

Anonymous said...

Info on Serviced apartments would be great too... said...

Hello anonymous.

Lot of accomodation options are available in and around trivandrum

Ponmudi golden peak, if u want to stay at a hillstation near to trivandrum.

Aquaserene, club mahindra resorts etc if you want to stay close to backwaters or on top of the backwaters. click the links on names to take a virtual tour.

Hotel Mascot, leela @ kovalam, muthoot plaza etc if u want 5 star rated ones.

Horizon, pankaj, arya nivas (veg) etc if u want moderate ones

Estuary, poovar island resorts, hotel udaya samudra etc if you want those resort type ones with all the play facilities.

If you want more details please email me or post a comment here.


Rahul said...

Gorgeous photographs... Inspirational trip...

Anonymous said...

superb dude :)


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