Thursday, June 30, 2011

Confident Cascade, Bangalore: A fun filled day Guaranteed

The fight was between Confident Cascade and Guhanthara both of which had good day packages for a good gettogether. We could hear our siblings discussing on the pros and cons of these places as they were hell bound on entertaining us. We had made a visit to Bangalore with no previous planning. It was the last weekend of the summer vacation, my better half and myself wanted to see the new little kid in the family, my brother's cute little gem who just makes anyone drool over him, my son badly needed atleast one visit to Bangy in every vacation, thanks to the numerous malls with umpteen game options for him, something which is badly missed in Thiruvananthapuram our dwelling place.

An added incentive of the bangalore visit is the 750 km drive through the highways. This time we had come through the Wayanad route eventhough the fastest is the Nagercoil, Madurai, Salem, Hosur, Bangalore route (To know why this is fastest Click here). The drive had almost all the ingredients and we could taste all kinds of roads, the beautiful NH 47 till Thrissur, (now the four lane work between Ernakulam and Thrissur is almost complete, so driving times have drastically reduced), the fun to drive NH 17 stretch upto Calicut, the beautiful ghat section at Wayanad (Watch the twisty trails of Wayanad here) with some bad roads but spellbinding scenary, the plain but twisty roads through Bandipur which is a class of its own and the fast highway from Mysore to Bangalore with horrible speed breakers at every town intersection.

After calling these resorts a number of times, to know the options available both of them came to us for a final decision. Guhanthara is a cave resort and their website shows some interesting 3D views of the ambience inside the cave with pools and artificial waterfalls around. But their outdoor space doesn't seem truly inviting. The confident cascade had almost all kinds of sport activity at their perusal. Finally the matter was put to vote and based on the count of hands the final decision was confident cascade and it was easy on pocket too when compared with Guhanthara @ Rs 550 per pax.

The 18 km drive from Domlur to Bannarghata took around 90 minutes. This is the beauty of Bangalore where at times we feel as if pedestrians tend to reach faster than the motorists whose main job is to make his vehicle kiss the vehicle in front and wait endlessly at the not so tasty jams - the traffic jams.

We were a gang of 10 adults and 4 kids in two cars and it seemed a pretty long drive. It was almost noon when we entered the parking lot of Confident Cascade.
Lots of beautiful villas were to be seen near the sprawling well concreted parking lot. Those villas might be project of Confident Group itself as their main focus is in villa construction.

The first impression of this place is good as it seemed well and neatly arranged, clean environment, lots of trees, all buildings neatly spread out giving an ambience of oodles of space. The reception building had a traditional Kerala architecture, must be inspired by the resort owner who happens to be a Keralite.

We were offered welcome drink and the check in process was real smooth. Lunch is also included in the package, but before lunch was ready we had some time at our perusal.

Right next to the reception building there is a forest like area with some huts around, which was christened Veerappan hide out.

Since we had a kid who is just 3 months old, we were given a room too. Interestingly the room was of a different kind. It was completely made of wood. Watch the rocket like wooden structure here.

We dumped all our baggage there and was about to roam around, but the kids had other plans. They had already spotted the kids park which happens to be right next to the resort's entrance. Naturally we had to follow them through the beautiful path way leading to the park

The kids park seems to be under construction, but kids innovate their own games and tend to enjoy themselves fully when left free. It was indeed watching them having fun.

From the kids park, I could see a colourful structure behind the trees. It was really huge.

I made a beeline to that structure and it was a giant fish. The board said that it is the dance bar. When seen in the background of the blue sky, I felt as if the fish is swimming in water.

The kids were still having a ball at the park and we had to force them out of the place since it was time for lunch. On our way back, I found out a beautiful white building which looked very familiar. The name of the building revealed the secret of familiarity. Have a look at the building.

It name is "The Whitehouse". This whitehouse had some suite rooms for the guests staying overnight. Inside there is a private swimming pool too.

Lunch was soon over, somehow the gents didn't have a great lunch coz all of them had set their sight on the tennis court thingy. After finishing the lunch fast all the boys disappeared and appeared in front of the reception to book the court for 1 hour. Tennis court had an extra usage fee of Rs.200 per person for one hour.

The court looked really great, but the markings were not clearly visible.

The cricket ground of the resort was also right opposite to the tennis court. The ground was really big and there were flood lights too. We decided to have a go at this ground after the tennis session, if time permits.

Playing a game which we don't regularly play made the three of us curious. Within a short time we learnt the tips and tricks. The fun started. The scorching sun could only accept defeat as the players gave scant respect to it. Meanwhile all the ladies came there and were seen showing faces which clearly meant that we have gone mad. But the game had already got into our blood and we were running, sliding, diving, jumping high, hitting forehand, backhand, lobbing, volleying, it was great fun.

One hour just sped past, but since the staff told that there were no one in queue we were allowed to play more, but the big ground and great amount of running around had taken a toll on our bodies which are not used to this type of exercise at this time of day. Soon the play stopped and we were ready for the next activity. Our bodies need to cool off and the best way is to get into the pool.

There is a pool nearby the tennis court, which is one among the five pools in this resort.

Infact this was the biggest of them all. The other pools were by the side of the restaurant. Those were relatively small and included a kids pool too. By the time we went to the room, changed our dress and came back, the pool by the side of the tennis court was crowded. The staff were courteous enough and immediately suggested us to use the pool inside the whitehouse. A blessing in disguise as it is a private pool and no one other than our gang will be there.

Within no time we were near the pool inside the white house. But one step into the pool and our feet began to shiver. The water was really chill. The walls of the whitehouse prevented any sunlight from falling into the pool and hence it was really cold. Slowly but steadily each one of got to the pool and slowly our bodies got adjusted to the temperature. We began to invent games for playing. Finally we got hold of an empty bottle and decided on the game. We were split into two teams. One of the non playing member will throw the bottle filled with water into the pool. All of us have to search for the submerged bottle and the team finding it first wins. Wonder how such a silly game began to played with real vigour and competitive spirit caved in. There was leg pulling, pushing, and all kinds of pyrotechniques on display to emerge victorious. The decibel levels also rose and it was fun.

Our game was interrupted by a resort staff who came to tell that pool time is only till 6pm. We all wondered how 2 hours went so quickly!! We all dragged ourselves out of the pool. The indoor game facilities were open till 8pm. So we had little doubt on where to go next.

Near to the white house there is a Convention hall too. Ah! this place is turning out to be an ideal place for the company conferences.

The path way to the indoor stadium was simply too good owing to the checkered tile pattern.

Inside the court there were, table tennis table, carrom board, 2 badminton courts and a billiards table. No additional payment is needed for these games except billiards.

We started with a game of table tennis and soon switched to badminton. The pool session had rejuvanated our bodies and the games began to flex our muscles real hard as we stretched, leaped and smashed hard.

This day turned out to a day dedicated to games and our bodies were not feeling any fatigue at all, thanks to the game spirit. While the guys toiled hard in the badminton court, ladies and kids were into the board games.

Even after 8pm, the staff present there told us that we can use the court as long as we wish. To a query on whether we can use the cricket stadium with flood lights on, the answer was that we have to pay for the electricity charges of the flood light, which comes to around INR 20000/-. We kept our jaw open for sometime and then returned to play badminton.
By about 8.30pm our bodies began to cry for some rest and we duly obliged. Slowly but steadily we all made up our minds to go back to our den but not before striking a pose before the self timered camera.

It was almost 9 when we slowly walked up towards the parking lot and all discussions were revolving around the facilities of the resort which made us garner all our energy and play. The white house well lit up was an eyecatching sight at night.

Truly a rejuvenating experience and the objective of keeping us busy and entertained was met beyond expectations. The beauty of any team sport is the team spirit which it generates and if the ambience is exquisite too, then nothing like it.

This resort is an ideal place for team outings, where in which the coordinators can arrange games which can evokes team spirit based on the facilities available at the resort. The staff is very courteous too and the day package is really value for money. The suite rooms, conference facility etc only adds to the options available.

Bid farewell to this lovely creation, and each of the member is sure to recommend this place to their friends !!


डॉ॰ मोनिका शर्मा said...

Nice Pictures...beautiful place

Scorpria said...

Sounds like a fun place -- and a lot of facilities too!

Nice pics, as always. Esp loved the wooden rocket-like room :) said...

hello monica sharma,
thanks. It is a beautiful place created by man.

Hi Scorpria,
yes there are lot of facilities. the place is good for team outings !!

Anonymous said...

nice place to visit said...

Hello Krishna.. thanks !!

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