Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My story published in Royal enfield site!!

Felt goosebumps to see my story - "Missed the train, Bank on the bullet", in the Royal Enfield website.
This is about one of my real trip stories which happened last year.

"Missed the train, Bank on the bullet
I could hear some sound very faintly, but the colorful world in front of my eyes was never allowing me to identify that sound. I was enjoying every moment of the beautiful sight and the place I was roaming around with my loved ones. But all that's good never ends well. The entire mood was spoilt in a split second when I felt a vigorous shaking of my body, thanks to my better half, which soon changed my status from "dead sleep" to wide awake. I could not take my eyes of the big clock hanging on the bedroom wall, its hands in a perfect vertical position with the elegance of a figure skater, showing 6.00am.

An irony that I woke up at the exact time my train for today's journey was scheduled to start its journey. It was one of the moments when I wished to have one of those wonderful gadgets of Doremon which will help me disappear immediately and appear at the railway station. ......"

To continue reading, visit this link in Royal enfield site: 

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Scorpria said...

That's pretty cool!
Congrats! :)

Deguide said...

Bullet is a real passion for bike riders


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