Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Childrens Park @ Calicut Beach - A quick visit

Calicut Beach is always bustling with activity. Just like the never ending tides, the crowds also seems to be never ending. Eventhough heavily crowded, this beach has some speciality which does not make any visitor uneasy because of the crowds. Don't expect this to be a beach where you can have a sunbath or a bath in swimming costume. Sometime back I had blogged about the life at Calicut Beach.(Click here to see the different colors of Calicut Beach)

Even though I had been to this beach many times, only recently did I see a childrens park adjacent to the beach. It is not a bad set up at all. The evening sun ensured that every single object in the park is looking more beautiful. Surprisingly there was no entry fee for this park.

The entry pole signified that this park has been donated by Lions Club, Calicut.

The beach view was quite good, thanks to the Sun who was playing hide and seek with the clouds.

One more look into the beach and I was amazed by the number of kites flying in the sky. Even now I love to make kites by myself and the sense of achievement when I see those flying high up is something which I can't express in words. 

One of the kites was really standing out because of its novel design.

The kite vendor's business seems to be thriving well as more and more kids were seen demanding their parents to buy one for them. They cannot be blamed as it is quite exciting to fly one.

The park has got some nice, but basic equipment to keep the kids entertained. The equipment in the park seems to be unique because of the creativity associated with the design of each one of them. The slider resting on the jumping fish's tail seems to be creatively designed, eventhough it is not maintained well. 

Here is another rocket cage.

From this angle it seems to be a watch tower kind of a thing. This also is a slider and kids were queuing up for a climb up. 

In this era of amusement parks where there are lot of innovative and exciting rides, these kids are equally satisified and happy in using these traditional equipment and were seen queuing up again and again for a ride, until their parents forcefully take them out of the park underlying the fact that satisfaction is not something which only money can buy.

This park also housed lot of thick vegetation, which helped in hiding the huge crowds inside.

This cactus tree attracted my attention since normal cactus trees which we see in this part of the world don't have this kind of a stem. 

The sun had by now transformed into a red glowing ball and I began to place it near to all kind of objects around and started capturing frames.

Meanwhile my son was enjoying, having a fight with the lion king.

The sponsors of this park had ensured that their logo is everywhere.

There seems to be a dearth of such parks in this part of the state for the crowd present here was enormous. Even though not well maintained, the ambience was quite attractive. The cool soothing breeze from the sea ensured that children are kept cool amongst their busy acitivities. Watching the kids hoping around in joyfull mood is a sight to watch and this alone is sufficient to make our day.
Hope the authorities will take good care such beautiful weekend getaways for the town dwellers, coz some high rise building are fast coming up on the other side of the road. Wonder when these small but useful utilities which serves amusement for the local kids give way for high risers like this.

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zephyr said...

Enjoyed the commentary more than even the pics, though the setting sun's positioning is fantastic.

Anonymous said...


good photos and text

ideal place for childrens

thanks for sharing

Deguide said...

Never knew that calicut had such a good beach....vasco de gama entered this port i believe.


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