Saturday, May 29, 2010

Fun at Leela Palace, Bangalore

Bangalore trips are always hectic, be it the official trip or the non official ones, thanks to numerous hang out options in bangalore which offers another kind of entertainment, all of which are created by the intelligence of man rather than the natural ones. To a certain extent such amusements are also necessary for this IT capital of India coz other wise the coorporate culture is sure to drain out all the positive spirits in the employees.

During one fine evening at Bangalore, my bro suggested to have visit to Leela Palace - a five star hotel whose beautiful Palace like external ambience is sure to catch the glimpse of all the people who pass through the Old airport road where it is stationed. But never did I thought that this hotel, apart from its regular lodging and restaurant facilities also contains enough amenities for entertainment which can also be made use of by casual visitors too.

Reached the Leela Palace and its architecture surely resembles that of a palace. The building from an external perspective does not look very huge, and is almost stationed at the edge of the road. The team consisted of 4 adults and 2 kids. My wife's bro and his wife also agreed to join us after finishing their office work. After the regular security checks we were let in. There is no entry fee for visitors.

The entry door itself gave an impression of the architectural marvel.

Inside it was a huge hall, wonderfully lit, big pillars resembling that of old Maharaja's Palace, shining flooring whose color matches with the ambience, optimally furnished and everything seemed to have a royal touch.

Just watch the brilliant arches and the railings. Are we inside the great Taj Mahal.

Some of the pillars even had beautiful wood work with the great level of perfection.

We moved slowly and steadily through this marvellous building carefully observing the way each of its elements are built.

Wherever glass was present they were designer glasses with matching lighting element.

Rose petals was made good use of in this showpiece. This structure is created out of rock with three lion heads carved out of it.

All the doors seemed to have some kind of uniqueness. The next one in line was unique because it seemed to be part of a large artwork.

Water was flowing down through this black granite background.

All this time we were walking through the ground floor. Further ahead we found that the escalator was moving downwards and all the other levels are under the ground level. Moved down one level and found out that the artificial water fall ends at this place.

The rose petals again was giving good contrast to the ambience.

This neatly arranged flower was placed near this waterfall.

There were lot of premium shops too, mostly selling antique objects. A view of three levels.

The ground level is the upper floor. We were standing 1 level down and there seems to be a party hall under this level. The shops are visible towards the farther end. Looking up the ceiling also seemed to be unique.
There were white blinking lights similar to the stars. They seemed to be one end of an optical fibre cable. A good use of technology to create a visual treat.

The antique shops seemed to have a good collection.

Jewellery shop was quite attractive too.

Apart from these, there were lot of other shops too, including garments, footwear all of which had a premium touch and their prices were on the higher side too.

Time just flew by as we walked around enjoying all this and appreciating the effort taken by the designers in creating the ambience akin to a royal palace. Each of the lights have an antique touch too. Just watch this one.

By this time my wife's bro and sis in law joined us and we proceeded to the gaming mall. Yes there is a gaming mall too to keep the visitors entertained. My kids eyes lit up when they saw this.

Soon I was busy taking tickets for them to enjoy the games.

I too tried out the racing games having a leisurely trip through the race tracks. In between I managed to click a photo from the games screen akin to the way I take pictures during my drives, but no kind of visual simulation can achieve the real effects.

A game of foozball soon followed suite and we were in a real competitive mood.

After spending a good amount of time in the gaming mall, it was time to move on to the bowling floor. I was amazed to see that this hotel houses such a variety of entertainment options and that all of them could be used by casual visitors like us.

The entrance to the bowling mall contained a well lit dance floor.

The restaurant nearby also had a superb lighting scheme.

The bowling arena was neatly maintained.

All of us except the kids stepped into the bowling shoes.

The rate was Rs150 per person for a game which involves 10 chances with 2 throws in each chance. What followed suite was a game filled with all kinds of nuances of a realy competition. People were seen practicing to ball, selecting their lucky color, pumping their fists in joy when they striked, desparate when they missed the chance, egging the other participants and it was real fun while my kids enjoyed the way we were playing.

We took more than 1 hour to finish the game and it was already 12pm midnight when we decided to call of the day. It was a really enjoyable evening with the competition element taking out all the stress in our minds and making us enjoy to the core.

The architectural brilliance was equally enthralling and we had covered only a small part of the hotel. This hotel is surely very big complete opposite to the impression which we got from the outside view.

We soon walked our way to the parking lot where another thing which I could enjoy was some premium luxury cars like this.

Overall we had loads of fun at Leela Palace.

Quick Facts

Name of Place
Hotel Leela Palace, Bangalore

Old Airport Road (After Domlur Flyover)

Shopping, Gaming Mall, Restaurant

Time to visit
Any time of the day. (For bowling call hotel and check whether is crowded)

Entry Fees
No entry fee, for bowling Rs 150 per person, for games it varies from Rs 50 to Rs 100.


Nalini Hebbar said...

That was fun...spectacular place...worth a visit.

Roshmi Sinha said...

Seems you all had a great time! There is the Airport Road Shiva Temple a little further down... worth a visit... said...

Hello Nalini Hebbar
Yes it was pure fun. A great way to take our minds away from the corporate stress(which also I enjoy)

Hi Roshmi Sinha
We had a great time. When I come to bangalore I stay very near to the shiva temple, infact I can see the Shiva statue from my window :) I love that temple a lot, especially late at night coz it is very calm there and sitting there we feel like we are at another place.

Amin said...

Good day!
Beautiful and interesting place!
Wonderful photo!

AswathiBabu said...

very interesting post... said...

hey Amin. Thanks

Hi Aswathi Babu, Thanks

S.R.Ayyangar said...

Thank you Subu to take us inside the Leela Palace through your photographs which otherwise remains a dream for us.

Journomuse said...

I remember an interview with Capt.Krishnan Nair, the owner of the Leela Group and he described how much thought had gone into the Leela Palace. I have been there a number of times, thanks to the numerous press conferences that are held there. The restaurant inside is also wonderful.The Mumbai one is pretty spectacular too. Save some time to check it out when you are next there.

steve said...

Its one of my favorite place of india and i visit it when i came here at last year.
-Hotel in Banglore

Parag said...

Leela palace makes you feel very much at home and gives a royal staying experience.
Leela Palace Bangalore

Leela palace bangalore said...

It is a very good place. A five star hotel whose beautiful Palace like external ambience is a treat to watch. But never did I think that this hotel, apart from its regular lodging and restaurant facilities also contains enough amenities for entertainment. I can see how much enjoyed at these place by watching your photograph.


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