Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Rocking Ambience & Brilliant Water-craft @ “Perunthenaruvi”

Nature continues to amaze. A little bit of exploration, a small detour, on one of those regular visits to a relative’s house lead us to another really rocking location.

A stream of water can match any other creature in creating a carving out of a rock, a fact which bears testimony from the pictures to follow.

Vechochira – the name of the place is difficult to pronounce is situated in Pathanamthitta district of God’s own country Kerala. The journey starts from Thiruvananthapuram, the capital city with my wife, kids, Mother in law and myself forming the touring party.

We started our travel in MC road (Main Central) road which extends from Thiruvananthapuram till Kottayam, through a typical Keralish hilly terrain. The turf in this route was newly laid, and travel time has reduced much. We passed Kottarakkara, reached Adoor and found out that there is a new bypass which helps to avoid the busy traffic at town.

After Pandalam (famous for the Pandalam Palace) there is a junction called Kulanada, from where we can take an eastward turn, which will lead us to a place called Ranni, via Aranmula and Kozhencheri.

The Kulanada – Aranmula stretch also seems to be relaid recently. The roads even though narrow, contained almost zero traffic and passes through rich and diverse flora and fauna.


There is an overhead canal in this route too.


Soon we reached Aranmula, the place which is famous for the Aranmula temple, the boat race and the world famous Aranmula mirror.


The roads in Aranmula – Kozhenchery stretch also was well maintained, but as soon as we approached Kozhencherry town there was heavy traffic and had to wait for almost half an hour unable to solve a complex traffic equation. Shot down this tree which was not bothered about the complete traffic chaos underneath it.


Once Kozhencherry town disappeared from the rear view mirror, the scenery was much more inviting and I was driving at subdued pace enjoying the surroundings


A view from one of the bridges on the way, which was quite magnificient


Soon we reached Ranni, which is a relatively big town, and being the last township before our final destination, stopped over for filling up some eateries from the shops around. The town seemed to have a holiday mood, eventhough we parked near a busy market place.


From here we proceeded via the Erumely route, till a place called “Mannamaruthi” from where we have to take a deviation to Vechochira, which is only 7km away from this place.

Suddenly there was an ambience change and we seemed to be zooming past through a mountainous terrain with lush greenery on both sides, eventhough the place was occupied by humans. Rubber is the main cultivation in the area. Stopped near one such plantation just to enjoy the bright greenish ambience. 



The targeted destination arrived soon and we enjoyed the warmth and affection of our relatives there, enjoyed a good lunch and a nice rest after the 3 hour long journey.

We made a visit to three homes, out of which one was subjected to a photo shoot and the output was not too bad either. 


The flowers bloomed were also having a nice charm owing to the fertile land.


The most interesting part of the journey was about to start. Based on the advice of localites we delayed our visit to the nearby Perunthenaruvi till evening and some even advised that there is nothing much to see, other than some rocks and a small stream of water. But we proceeded ahead.

The road was not good, but the road side ambience was good.


After 1kilometer from Vechochira, there is a Navodaya School, one of the best resident schools in Kerala. Just after the Navodaya school there is a board pointing to Perunthenaruvi.


We had to take a ‘U’ turn here and the road became more narrower with thick vegetation on both sides and it was a steep descent. I drove the vehicle really slowly, stopping every now and then to click some snaps.


The road came to a dead end here. Some 2 or 3 motorcycles were parked and we could see no signs of any river.


Parked our vehicle here and proceeded ahead. First thing to notice was a big water pumping station with some rocks ahead.


There was a building being constructed nearby which seems to be a viewpoint kind of thing.

Decided to just have a glimpse of the view from the viewpoint and that was it, I cannot explain what we saw. “Nature at its natural best”.
Rocks, A beautiful stream of water, Beautiful trees in the background and the area of view was huge.

Just have a panoramic view of what we experienced from this point.


Stood there for sometime enjoying the beauty of our mother earth after which we climbed down hill to be on top of those rocks.

While going down, we could see the pumping station, which pumps up water from this river to the over head water tank and supplies drinking water to the nearby area.


The view was getting closer and closer as we approached the rocks with a stream of water flowing through the middle. Water level was really low owing to the lack of rain


The waterfall, even though a small one was enough to give a special feel to this place.


A bigger picture of the water gushing out through the rocks. It seems like during rainy season we might not be able to see these much rocks as these will be submerged.


This waterfall made us try little innovations, which didn’t come as good as expected.


The patterns created by the stream of water on the rocks were quite unique.
Is water a master crafter?




Where ever you look you have something to appreciate.
Looking back we could see the view point which is being constructed. .


Found this tree on the other side of the river. Of late I am getting kind of addicted in shooting down trees in the backdrop of sky.


My kids too enjoyed the rocks, even though we were little cautious on not to allow them to walk alone because of the big holes in the rock.
My son was seen enacting a mountain climber


The light was getting dimmer. The variation of color of sky at this time of day is like a live painting.



The fading light gave another visual feel to the stream flowing through the rocks



I climbed up to the top most point with my daughter and my wife snapped up the moment.


We got only 2 hours to spend here, but it was well worth it. This place has not yet been developed as a tourist destination, but it has got all the potential of becoming one. Kerala tourism development corporation already has started works for developing this location. The parking area and the approach roads are complete whereas the viewpoint is under construction. It will not be too long ahead before we start seeing new hotels or resorts coming up in this region.

Quick Facts
Name of place: Perunthenaruvi
How to reach:
From Kottayam: Erumely - Mannamaruthi - Vechochira - Perunthenaruvi (around 60 km)
From Chengannur: Kozhencherry - Ranni - Mannamaruthi - Vechochira - Perunthenaruvi (around 45 km)

Nearest Railway Station: Chengannur / Kottayam

Facilities: No facilities as of now. Nearest good hotel is in Ranni

Travel plan: Plan for a visit to this place, during your stay in Kottayam

Other points:
Don’t go to this place at noon, the rocks will be too hot to handle. Best time to visit is early morning till 11 am.
Be careful while walking through the rocks, it is slippery and there are some really big holes in between.

Your feedback on this please !!!!!


chitra said...

Amazing pictures, Nice locales you explore!!!.

Anu said...

Its just too beautiful!! Now i envy you and your road trips :)

Urban Green said...

great pictures! said...

Hi Chitra, Thanks for your continued encouragement.
Hi Anu, What can I do, the nature is so beautiful
Hello Urban Green. thanks for your visit and comment

radha said...

Ideal for a nice picnic, provided all other facilities and roads are improved. Lovely pictures. Thanks for dropping by

Amin said...

Hello!Very wonderful places and very wonderful photos.Very beautiful post.Good blog!

Suka said...

Hi -

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a kind message! I appreciate it!

You certainly take lovely photos! The scenery is breathtaking and the rocks around the water are amazing. Beautiful country!

Balachandran V said...

you have an easy way presenting facts. One can feel the genuineness of your pleasure! And the photos are great. Think of such places in the background of my poem, 'Aquarian'. You, having enjoyed so much of nature's bounty, will surely understand the need to preserve it. On your future tours, look out for places man has vandalized - you will feel the pain, and the urge to do something about it...

Anonymous said...

Beautiful shots. Particularly like the one where the hands are catching the water!

オテモヤン said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator. said...

Hi Radha. thanks for your visit and comment. According to me this is the ideal time, Once shops and other facilities are built up here, i fear whether the place will lose its natural charm

Anya said...

Amazing shots today :-)
Very creative !!! said...

dear Balan sir
Thanks for your words of wisdom. Will read your poem again. Surely will keep an eye on destruction created by man. I often choose unknown places for weekend outings said...

Hi Suka, thanks for appreciating my country

Hi Anya, thanks !!

louisebah said...

looks like you guys had fun at the waterfall! that place is so pretty!

Unseen Rajasthan said...

Beautiful post and beautiful shots !! I really loved the place !! Thanks for dropping by Unseen Rajasthan.

Dishit D said...

hi - something more for you at The Observationzz

Nalini Hebbar said...

and here i am, sitting in front of the comp with a smile that refuses to go away...wonderful pictures well presented
I am from Kerala but have not seen much of it...should
Thanks for the travelogue to an amazing place

Viper said...

chetta....nice pics and good place..engane kandu pidikkunnu these places...can't help saying that only kerala remain green even during summer...we went to Masinagudi last was "brownery" everywhere instead of greeney.. :-)

Manu said...

pottakandite kayyil camera kittiya oru effect :) :) said...

Hi Lousiebah, Welcome to my blog. yes we had real fun at the waterfall.

hello Unseen Rajasthan. Thanks for your nice words.

hi Dishit D. will check out whatz there in observationzz said...

Hello Nalini Hebbar,
Welcome back to God's own country, It sure does amaze all with its natural splendor

Dear Mr. Viper
What you mentioned is true, greenery exists in patches even during peak summer. Only man can destroy this brilliant natural gift by way of his misdoings

Hi Manu
S K is a different league all together. I am just a novice of novices.

Meenakshi said...

awesome..keeping a tab of places worth visiting through your blog..your pics of the trips are inspiring..

Vineeta said...

U make the caption Gods Own Country worth it when i go through your blog!!Damn good!

Traci said...

How glorious these pictures are -- especially the waterfall. What amazing treasures the world has to offer! I am also intrigued that the noontime sun makes the rocks too hot. Should I ever be so fortunate to utilize that advice, I shall remember.

Anu said...

Its just too awesome!!! and to think i had no idea such a place existed.. though we have been to chengannur....

and the resemblance to Nighoj is wonderful!

!<#@!_EE!_ said...

to the author,
you can reach here without touching manthamaruthy , from erumely you can take deviation to vechhochira from karingallumoozhy,2 kms away from erumely.
ur blog is nice and useful.
keep posting :-)

!<#@!_EE!_ said...

and hotels are available at erumely,ranni,kanjirappally.


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