Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Aruvikkara - A Calm & Serene Evening outing guaranteed!!


Thiruvananthapuram - The capital city of God's own country is blessed with lots of tourist spots, most of them being relatively unknown presents an oppurtunity for those who loves to be in a calm atmosphere and very close to nature.

Aruvikkara is one such destination, which is known for the Aruvikkara dam and pumping station here serves the water needs of the city. This also doubles up as a picturesque place and one feel like he is away from all the bells and whistles of a city.

The route is Peeroorkada - karakulam - turn right - travel 4kms and reach Aruvikkara, hardly 20 kms from Thiruvananthapuram railway station. Once we turn right of Karakulam the terrain change is quite evident and it seems like we are going through some ghat section.

After travelling a distance of 2 to 3 kms through this stretch a top point arrives.


From here we could get a full view of the topology. Towards one side of the reservoir there is a dense greenery

The dam is visible too from this point. The parking ground also can be seen.

Very near to the parking ground, there is a Devi temple. This temple is quite unique because it is completely constructed on top of rocks. The river gushing through one side of the temple creates a special ambience and it is quite difficult for a nature lover to part with the ambience inside the temple.

We decided to proceed ahead through the small bridge right opposite to the dam

The view of the dam from this bridge.

After travelling some 500m, we found a small road on the left. Decided to explore this route .The road was untarred, but the view of the river on the left side was awesome.

A little more than 100meters in this village route and our search for a cool place to spend some time ended here with the company of this kind of nature around.


My son was enjoying his newly acquired toy binoculars

There was a small hill on the other side of the river.

This plant was having some kind of fruit which seemed like birds flying with their wings spread out.

The ambient light was fading, but the scenery was still pleasing to the eye.


A view of the small river side road which we took. It always happens that, if we explore around the common destinations we are sure to find some really serene places without crowds where we can spend some quality time and this place too was no different.

After spending a quality hour at this river side it was time on to move to the dam site.

There is step near the side of the bridge using which we can go underneath the bridge opposite to the dam


Once underneath we can see water gushing out through the rocks under the bridge


The temple is visible on the right side.

It is at this point, fishes are fed by the visitors.

There are quite a good number of big fishes here. People consider them holy, hence they escape from being caught and are fed well since it is considered as a holy offering.

The view of the dam from underneath the bridge is awesome, since we are almost at level with the water.


Soon it was pitch dark and we climbed up the steps, only to see that the lights in the bridge is giving it a special ambience. My brother who also came with his new DSLR captured the ambience well.


No trip is complete, without a romantic stroll :). Thanks to my brother for this capture !!


RAIN said...

一個人就像一個分數,他的實際才能是分子,他對自己的評價是分母。分母越大,則分數的價值越小。 ....................................................

MARIA said...

Beautiful pics..:-) said...

@ Rain - Thanks for commenting (but I could not understand your language)

@MARIA - Thanks.

chitra said...

Nice photos. Loved the last one...really...romantic. :)

KParthasarathi said...

Amazing pics and th wonderful sceneries.My first visit to your blog.

A New Beginning said...

Amazing click really well, and Kerelas just rocks, it's amazing!! said...

@Chitra. Thanks. Yes the last one is my favourite too :) said...

@Kparthasarathi. Welcome to God's own country !! said...

@ "A new Beginning" . Yes kerala really rocks because of its natural landscape and pictures can never depict the true beauty of a place. We are seeing one dimension less in a photo !!

Balachandran V said...

You have given the drab old Aruvikkara a face-lift! :) Will read your Nepal trip leisurely and comment.

Isha Shiri said...


Your photos of nature are very beautiful. I like to see your page because it transmits peace and family life. Be blessed!

- About your visit in my Blog; The nature is wonderful, the humans not. So God gave the holy laws to learn and to follow. But it seems difficult, ever happens. As you said, smile, love of neighbor, be good. And dream of a better world one day...

Adelle said...

@Balan sir. I wonder why these places don't attract more tourists. Is it a matter of low promotion or lack of facilities?

sharaf said...

best turist place this dam city.
pleas come this place enjoy....

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